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Vegan for the Holidays

Vegan for the Holidays has sold out its first printing.
New copies and the Kindle Edition are still available for purchase at Amazon.


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Vegetarians in Paradise

To offer you, our readers, vegetarian information in a broad range of categories, Vegetarians in Paradise has compiled this annotated list of books we can highly recommend. We are aware that the listing is far from complete but will continue to grow as we discover new resources and evaluate them. We've categorized the listings as follows:

If you choose not to read through the entire Vegparadise Bookshelf, simply click on the subjects that interest you.

Completely Revised, Updated, and Easier to Read-- October 13, 2015












Bass, Jules, Cooking With Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon, Barefoot Books, 1999
A vegetarian cookbook for children ages four through eight years old. With parents' supervision, kids can learn to prepare meatless meals with its easy format and recipes that are child-oriented. The colorful illustrations on every page are likely to appeal to children and adults as well.

Bass, Jules, Herb the Vegetarian Dragon, Barefoot Books, 1999
Herb is not your ordinary fire-breathing dragon who devours brave knights. Herb is different. He's a vegetarian who grows his own vegetables and brings peace between the knights of the castle and the carnivorous dragons of the kingdom. An engaging story with exceptional illustrations for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Bates, Dorothy R., Bobbie Hinman, Robert Oser, Munchie Madness, The Book Publishing Company, 2001
One of the handiest, friendliest, and most endearing cookbooks for teens featuring easy recipes that appeal to teen tastes with snacks and smoothies, burritos, tacos, pizzas, pastas, and desserts. Includes a complete index, resources, and bios of authors and contributors.

Brownlie, Ali, Why Are People Vegetarian? Steck-Vaughn, 2002
Presents an overview of vegetarianism including its history, religious practitioners, and disciples today. Includes arguments for and against meat eating as well as the health, economic, and environmental issues involved.

Dinshah, Anne and Freya, Apples, Bean Dip & Carrot Cake: Kids! Teach Yourself to Cook, American Vegan Society, 2012
Apples, Bean Dip & Carrot Cake is a must for families who would like to teach their children not only the basics of cooking, but also preparing truly healthful foods. Grandparents will love this book because its well-planned lessons provide the perfect opportunity to spend invaluable time with their grandchildren. Well written, educationally complete, and graphically engaging, this is a book that will never lose its charm or usefulness--it's the perfect family book.

Duden, Jane, Vegetarianism for Teens, Capstone Press, 2001
Discusses vegetarianism and reasons why some teens choose it. Includes information on building a healthy vegetarian diet and planning for vegetarian meals and snacks on the go.

Feerick, Hillary and Jeff Hillenbrand in collaboration with Joel Fuhrman and illustrated by Andrea Vitali, The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach, Mitch Spinach Productions, 2010
Vegetarian parents will be delighted The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach because of its emphasis on nutrition in an era where child obesity has almost become the norm. Attractively illustrated by the dynamic drawings of Andrea Vitali, the book presents a new kind of superhero that children can admire and emulate. The authors promise this volume as the first in a series of adventures of Mitch Spinach. Young children as well as adults like us look forward to his further adventures.

Katzen, Mollie, and Ann Henderson, Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes, Tricycle Press, 1994
A vegetarian cookbook for pre-schoolers and up, this book is well designed for minimal guidance from parents while the little "chef" in the family takes the lead. Step by step illustrations easily direct the children to the next step in the cooking project. The book offers a plethora of recipes that appeal to kids, everything from French Toast to Pizza.

Klaven, Ellen, Vegetarian Factfinder, Illlustrations by Adrienne Hartman, The Little Bookroom, 1996
Basic information about vegetarianism is presented in five chapters, each of which answers a question: What Does a Vegetarian Eat? Why do people become Vegetarians? Where do Vegetarians Live? Who are Vegetarians? How do Vegetarians Stay Healthy? Illustrated with numerous photos and drawings, the book packs much information into 48 pages. It is an excellent introduction to vegetarianism for pre-teens and teenagers.

Krizmanic, Judy, The Teen's Vegetarian Cookbook, Puffin Books, 1999
An excellent vegetarian cookbook featuring mostly vegan recipes geared to the individual tastes and time limitations of teens. The book is easy to use and visually appealing with sidebars, charts, lists of substitutions, and recipe variations for the experimental teen. Included is a chapter on College Cuisine, an excellent glossary, and even a brief tofu primer.

Lowe, Karisa, Illustrated by Edmund Boey, Arlo Goes to the Farmers Market, Early Press, 2013
In Arlo Goes to the Farmers Market Karisa Lowe conveys a simple message that may encourage children's interest in eating fruits and vegetables. Using elephants to tell the story adds a unique dimension to the story, especially when those whimsical elephants are drawn by Edmund Boey. In an era where health professionals stress eating fruit and vegetables, this volume directed at young children becomes a motivator for healthier eating. Parents may want to do a follow up to this book by an actual visit to a farmers' market.

Medina, Sylvia M., green kids club: wolf howls featuring Tiago, Green Kids Club, 2014
green kids club: wolf howls is a sensitive story that makes young children aware that many wild animals should not be killed, but instead preserved. It is a story parents will enjoy reading to their children whose attention will be held by the engaging illustrations in a tale that emphasizes that animals also live in families that care for each other.

Neubecker, Robert, Linus the Vegetarian T. Rex, Beach Lane Books, 2013
Linus The Vegetarian T. Rex tells pre-school children that large creatures can thrive on a plant-food diet. Ruth Ann is quite content to share Linus' lifestyle. Author/artist Neubecker's cartoon-like colored India-ink drawings to depict Linus and Ruth Ann will surely evoke smiles from readers. Young children find dinosaurs very intriguing and will be entranced by this story that has a dinosaur as one of its principal characters. Besides, some dinosaurs actually were vegetarians.

Orr, Katherine, The Doctors in Aunt Mili's Suitcase, Pacific Raven Press, 2014
Sharing The Doctors in Mili's Suitcase, parents and children can discuss both the story and sidebars to achieve health improvement. The book speaks to people of all ages, because they and members of their families may be victims of this chronic disease. Reading the introduction by Dr. Neal Barnard and noting the other recommendations, the reader may be aware that all of the health professionals praising this book have written similar information directed at adult audiences. They all stress the advantages of a plant-based diet in coping with and reversing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is not a death and misery sentence, if people only realize that wholesome plant-based food may provide the cure. If every family had an Aunt Mili, there might not be a youth obesity crisis and a diabetes epidemic.

Ortega, Rey and Amanda Moeckel, The Organic Adventures of Tucker the Tomato, Sun King Publishing, 2003
Written for very young children, this picture book combines creative artwork with a simple story of a tomato that falls off an organic tomato truck and finally wends its way to a natural foods market after overcoming a number of obstacles.

Parr, Jan, The Young Vegetarian's Companion, Franklin Watts, 1996
Written for teens, this book counters the myths about vegetarianism being risky to one's health. Included are issues about the environment, animal rights, ethical and religious bases of vegetarianism, and health of the planet. Helpful information gives teens the education they need on nutritional requirements and guides them in dealing with social situations involving food. An extensive resource section concludes the book.

Pierson, Stephanie, Vegetables Rock, Bantam Books, 1999
An excellent guide with a touch of humor for teenagers and families of young people who have made the decision to become vegetarian. Includes nutritional information and tips for everything from how to handle negative comments to dealing with college cafeteria food. An ideal gift book for young vegetarians and their families.

Poneman, Debra Halperin and Emily Anderson Greene, What No Meat?! What to Do When Your Kid Becomes a Vegetarian, ECW Press, 2003
The authors present ways to simply and effortlessly accommodate a child's transition to a vegetarian diet. They share facts about the nutritional aspects of vegetarianism, suggestions for grocery shopping for a vegetarian, fun and easy recipes that include tofu and other meat alternatives, and tips on managing holidays and family gatherings where meat is often a staple.

Raven, Robin and Illustrated by Kara Maria Schunk, Santa's First Vegan Christmas, Vegan Publishers, 2016
In Santa's First Vegan Christmas, readers will experience a fortuitous pairing of two talents, Robin a storyteller who introduces young children to a world where everyone cares about the welfare of animals and Kara Maria who reveals her remarkable painting talent with endearing scenes of a lovable Santa with all of his adorable animal friends.

Roth, Ruby, That's Why We Don't Eat Animals, North Atlantic Books, 2009
That's Why We Don't Eat Animals is a milestone book in children's literature because it effectively introduces young people to the basic concepts of vegetarianism and veganism. With compassion and sensitivity author/illustrator Roth conveys the message that animals need to be treated better and not used for food. She moves into a children's literature area not covered by others and targets a population that is not exposed to this information at an early age. Roth's uniquely stylized depictions of animals are unlike any a child will ever see, yet they are instantly recognizable and add charming appeal to the theme of the book.

Roth, Ruby, V Is for Vegan: the ABCs of Being Kind, North Atlantic Books, 2013
Parents raising vegan children will find V Is for Vegan an ideal book to read with their youngsters to share an understanding of vegan values and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Adding to the visual appeal of the book is Roth's choice of a hand-letter style for the text. A child taking the first steps in writing can successfully emulate Roth's childlike printing of each letter of the alphabet. This book, along with Roth's other works, belongs in every home with young vegan children.

Schwartz, Ellen, I'm a Vegetarian: Amazing Facts and Ideas for Healthy Vegetarians, Tundra Books, 2001
Riddles, jokes, and illustrations make the vegetarian information in this book quite accessible to teens. Includes nutritional information on how to be a sensible vegetarian as well as a brief history of vegetarianism. Section called "Vegetarian Dude" gives practical advice to teens on handling sticky situations. Recipes are both vegetarian and vegan with information on how to "veganize" the non-vegan ones.

Stewart, Debra, What is a Vegetarian, Debbie-Lou Productions, 1999
A first introduction to vegetarianism for pre-schoolers written in easy-to-understand language and aided by engaging illustrations of animals, foods, and children. For preschool and early primary grades.

Torres, Gill, Illustrated by Ilan Sheady, The Girl Who Could See Stories, Real Magic Publishing, 2014
In The Girl Who Could See Stories Gill Torres and Ilan Sheady have created an attractive picture book that conveys the message that people need to know where their food comes from. The underlying story of meat is one of misery. On the other hand, choosing a plant-based diet is beneficial to personal health and the health of the planet. Sheady's attractive cartoon-like illustrations and Torres' text with a powerful message make this an endearing book for young children.

Underwood, Deborah and Scott Magoon, Illustrator, Granny Gomez & Jigsaw, Disney Hyperion Books, 2010
The book, targeted to children from ages 3 to 6, is not a vegetarian book per se because it could be enjoyed by all children who relish an amusing story. It does deliver a subtle message expressing that those animals we normally consider as food can also be pets to whom we often develop strong attachments. Because there are so few books for young children that convey this type of message, vegetarian families should be eager to read this book aloud with their children and perhaps encourage a discussion about the bond between humans and animals.

Vegetarian Cooking Around the World, Lerner Publications Co, 1992
A collection of meatless recipes from around the world, including Welsh rarebit from the United Kingdom, lentil soup from Spain, and curries from India. One book in the publisher's Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks series for young people.

Vignola, Radha, Victor's Picnic with the Vegetarian Animals, Illustrated by Michelle N. Ary, Aviva, 1996
Victor joins the vegetarian animals for a picnic where he shares their food. Besides learning the difference between carnivorous and herbivorous animals, he discovers the wide variety of foods vegetarians eat. Sepia illustrations accompany the text. For preschool and early primary grades.

Weiss, Stephanie Iris, Everything You Need to Know About Being a Vegan, The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., 2000
A well-written, concise introduction to veganism geared to teens and pre-teens. Includes a few recipes, glossary, a suggested reading list, and a listing of resources for further exploration.

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Davis, Karen, Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs, Book Publishing Co., 2010
Reading Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs is like taking a spoonful of bitter medicine. You hate the taste, but know it's good for you. This book, out of necessity, focuses on the disgusting inhumane practices and cruelty that are key elements in chicken and egg production. People need to know the true story behind those chicken parts in the convenient plastic-wrapped packages or that carton of Grade A eggs instead of believing deceptive TV ads that show ecstatically happy and healthy looking chickens. They need to be aware of the misery included in that Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast or that KFC bucket of chicken.

Goodall, Jane with Gary McAvoy and Gail Hudson, Harvest of Hope: a Guide to Mindful Eating, Warner Books, 2005
The world's foremost expert on chimpanzees details the destructive forces that are damaging our health and our planet and discusses how we can begin reclaiming our planet and our health by simply voting with our fork in making food choices.

Lappe, Frances Moore, Diet for a Small Planet: Twentieth Anniversary Edition, Ballantine, 1991
A revised and updated edition of a book that awakened environmental awareness and encouraged vegetarianism for the health of the body, the earth, and the animals that share the planet. Includes the full array of recipes from the original publication.

Lappe, Frances Moore and Joseph Collins with Cary Fowler, Food First, Beyond the Myth of Scarcity, Houghton Mifflin, 1977
A well researched work that examines the policies and politics that maintain the status quo of hunger in the U.S. and in foreign countries. Looks at the many aspects of starving populations and discusses ways our country could end hunger here and abroad.

Lappe, Frances Moore and Anna Lappe, Hope's Edge, Jeremy Tarcher/Putnam, 2002
Instead of revising Diet for a Small Planet for a thirtieth anniversary edition, the author and her daughter embarked on an odyssey taking them to nine countries on five continents. Their mission was to gather material for a book "that takes off where the original stops." They would try to answer a new question, "Why have we, as societies, created that which as individuals we abhor?" They discovered that there is still scarcity and hunger amid abundance as society devotes unlimited resources to put meat on the table.

Lyman, Howard with Glen Merzer, Mad Cowboy, Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat, Scribner, 1998
Agribusiness practices of the cattle and dairy industry from the inside view of a man who turned away from an unhealthy lifestyle and gave up his lifelong career that tortured animals and threatened his health. He became a vegan and now reveals the inside story.

Lyman, Howard with Glen Merzer and Joann Samorow-Merzer, No More Bull! The Mad Cowboy Targets America's Worst Enemy: Our Diet, Scribner, 2005
Lyman updates information provided in Mad Cowboy showing the government's inability to cope with the threat of Mad Cow Disease. He also emphasizes the connection between diet and chronic diseases. The book features over 100 vegan recipes.

Nestle, Marion, Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health, University of California Press, 2002
In this expose the author shows how the food industry competes for our food dollars and persuades us to eat more, thus creating an obesity epidemic. She reveals how the industry plays politics by lobbying legislators, marketing to children, distorting nutritional information, and promoting supplements that may have no value.

Null, Gary, The Vegetarian Handbook, St. Martin's Press, 1987
A detailed and informative guide to vegetarianism that includes history, nutrition that focuses on protein, ecology, religious beliefs and vegetarianism, concern for animals, a look at the macrobiotic approach, and natural food recipes. An extensive appendix that lists food combinations that comprise a complete protein.

Patterson, Charles, Eternal Treblinka, Lantern Books, 2002
The author draws a striking parallel between the extermination of the Jews and man's mass killing of animals ostensibly used for food. Once society accepts this exploitation of animals, the next step is to treat other human beings like animals. Human slavery and the subjugation of women are both modeled after the domestication of animals. Patterson shows how the eugenics movement that flourished in the United States and Germany prior to World War II began with the breeding of animals and then was utilized to deal with humans. The last two chapters of the book related personal stories of Jews and Germans whose animal advocacy was influenced by the Holocaust.

Robbins, John, Diet for a New America, Stillpoint Publishing, 1987
A first-hand account of the author's observations when visiting several slaughterhouses and factory farms and explicit descriptions of the cruel, unhealthy, and unsanitary conditions in which food animals are raised. Encourages a vegan diet and includes recipes.

Robbins, John, The Food Revolution, Conari Press, 2001
This well researched major work brings to the attention of all humans the precarious nature of our environment from all aspects of our food supply to the air and water we need to survive. Not just for vegetarians, this book informs, awakens, and educates about the dangers of many foods on supermarket shelves and offers suggestions for healthier alternate choices.

Robbins, John, May All Be Fed: Diet for a New World, Morrow, 1992
An inspiring book that rocks one out of complacency and brings awareness that we can improve our health and benefit the planet by eating ecologically. Included are many vegan recipes that guide those on the path to healing the planet.

Robertson, Jon with Robin Robertson, Apocalyse Chow: How to Eat Well When the Power Goes Out, Simon Spotlight Entertainment, 2005
The Robertsons, residents of hurricane country, share their experiences of surviving four major hurricanes and offer advice on how to cope with a loss of power during any natural disaster. Robin Robertson has developed 68 recipes that not only possess clever titles, but also are easy to prepare. The book is a valuable guidebook/checklist for people who want to be prepared for the next big disaster.

Schlosser, Eric, Fast Food Nation: the Dark Side of the All-American Meal, Houghton Mifflin, 2001
Focuses on negative effects the fast food industry has on our society. Supports this view by showing how the industry's influence encourages cheap labor, government subsidies to the meat industry, factory farming, and standardization of products. Reveals poor working conditions in the meat industry and how the production of meat products causes deadly diseases.

Schwartz, Richard H., Ph.D., Judaism and Global Survival, Lantern Books, 2002
A revised edition originally published in 1984, this work emphasizes how Jewish values can help address current global problems such as climate change, water shortages, pollution, world hunger, and potential energy shortages. The author encourages a return to Jewish teachings that promote the pursuit of peace, justice, and vegetarianism to create a sustainable society and to fulfill the Torah mandates.

Singer, Peter and Jim Mason, The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter, Rodale, 2006
By focusing on the purchasing habits of three families, Singer and Mason have humanized and personalized a vast amount of information to make people aware of the impact of their food choices. After reading this book, one becomes conscious of the power of one spoon or fork in changing a system of animal exploitation that is horribly misguided. Hopefully, we can return to this book 25 years from now and say it provided the impetus to a new ethical path. Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian, a carnivore, a conscientious omnivore, or a SAD diet devotee, this is a book you need to read.

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Anderson, Mike, The RAVE Diet and Lifestyle, www.RaveDiet.com, 2004
The RAVE diet is not entirely Mike Anderson's original creation but an amalgam of lifestyle changes advocated by Drs. Ornish, McDougall, Barnard, Esselstyn, Fuhrman, and others. All of these doctors have shown that this type of lifestyle program is effective in preventing and reversing heart disease as well as other degenerative diseases. In his desire to help people avoid the path leading to degenerative diseases with expensive medications and surgery, Anderson has created a remarkable package that includes the book paired with the well-reviewed DVD documentary Eating.

Barnard, Neal, M.D., Eat Right, Live Longer, Crown Trade Paperbacks, 1997
Shows how a vegetarian diet can contribute to longevity, a youthful appearance, strength, and vitality. Includes recipes to get you started.

Barnard, Neal M.D., Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs, Rodale, 2007
Essential reading for diabetics and their families, this book offers hope by providing a sensible way to manage this disease and to avoid its debilitating consequences. In addition to explaining the nature of diabetes in layman's language, Barnard offers many practical tips and suggestions to the diabetic. Even non-diabetics will find invaluable information for improving personal health, especially the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular problems.

Barnard, Neal, M.D., Foods That Fight Pain, Harmony Books, 1998
The author relies on research to show that many natural foods have medicinal benefits. Help for pain due to poor circulation, food sensitivities, inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome and more can be achieved through good nutrition and dietary changes. The book includes menus, recipes, glossary, resources to locate ingredients, recommended reading, and an extensive section of bibliographical notes.

Barnard, Neal, M.D., Power of Your Plate, Book Publishing Company, 1995
Up-to-date information from a leading medical authority showing that food choices can improve your health.

Barnard, Neal, M.D., Turn Off the Fat Genes, Harmony Books, 2001
This nutrition savvy doctor shares cutting-edge research to help people lose weight by working with their genes rather than against them. He explains the dynamics of nutrition and its impact on the genes. Complete with menus and recipes, the book presents a program that can bring results with weight loss while building positive health.

Brazier, Brendan, THRIVE: A Guide to Optimal Health and Performance Through Plant-Based Whole Foods, Oceanside Publishing, 2004
In less than 100 pages Brazier clearly explains and lays out a plant-based whole foods program that will improve performance and general health of anyone concerned with fitness. Most valuable is his advice on reducing stress and creating a younger biologically healthy body. He is a living example that refutes any notion that a vegan diet is unhealthy.

Brazier, Brendan, The Thrive Diet: the Whole Food Way to Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, and Stay Healthy for Life, Da Capo Press, 2007
The author is to be commended for assembling this vast amount of nutritional information to support his diet and health plan, all documented in his references. The Thrive Diet is more than a program to lose weight. It is a lifestyle change that has a pronounced affect on the body, turning it from acidic and disease-prone to alkaline and healthful. By focusing on this plan, readers may not become triathletes, but they will find increased energy and vitality.

Campbell, T. Colin and Thomas Campbell, II, The China Project: the Most Comprhensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications For Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health, Benbella Books, 2005
Professor Campbell reveals the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer with information that was gleaned from the China Project, the largest epidemiological study ever conducted. He also examines the source of nutritional confusion produced by powerful lobbies, government entities, and opportunistic scientists.

Campbell, T. Colin with Howard Jacobson, WHOLE, BenBella Books, 2013
WHOLE is an important work that might turn out to be a 21st Century landmark. It is the product of a truth-seeking scientist who has spent more than 40 years in laboratories and made discoveries that many people are reluctant to accept. His passion for WFPB nutrition as a significant part of health care instead of disease management should be the road taken. The first step for anyone who wants to be on that road to good nutrition and health is to read WHOLE.

Chef AJ with Glen Merzer, Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight, Hail to the Kale Publishing, 2011
Unprocessed is much more than a unique cookbook. Readers will not find brightly colored photos, hand-drawn illustrations, or fancy graphic layout. They won't even find an index to the recipes. But the pages of this volume WILL awaken readers to the harmful effects of the typical, nutrient-poor American diet based on processed foods and animal products. Chef AJ delivers a powerful message in down-to-earth rustic-speak as she inspires a new path toward feasting on UNPROCESSED foods to achieve truly vibrant health. She knows. She's done it.

Cousens, Gabriel, M.D., Conscious Eating, Vision Books International, 1992
A vegetarian bible for beginners as well as long-standing vegetarians, this book gives guidelines to bring body, mind, and spirit into alignment. Author explains how food affects our physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

Davis, Brenda and Tom Barnard, Defeating Diabetes with 50 Recipes by Barb Bloomfield, Healthy Living Publications, 2003
A registered dietician, a doctor, and a cookbook writer combine forces to create a sensible program for diabetics that emphasizes a plant-based diet plus exercise.

Davis, Brenda and Vesanto Melina, Becoming Vegan Express Edition: the Everyday Guide to Plant-based Nutrition, Book Publishing Company, 2013
Becoming Vegan: Express Edition is the quintessential guidebook for anyone contemplating or practicing veganism. It is everything a vegan needs to know about a healthful plant-based lifestyle. The voluminous charts provide a wealth of nutrition data and quantify the information in the book. Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina clearly demonstrate here why they are leaders in their field. They have assembled a massive amount of data from scientific studies and translated it into a book that is easily accessible to the general public. Anyone who owns a previous edition will benefit from the authors' updated research and information in this volume. For those new to this lifestyle, this is an excellent handbook packed with valuable nutritional information relative to all ages.

Erasmus, Udo, Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, Alive Books 1993
With a Ph.D. in Nutrition and post-graduate studies in genetics and biochemistry, this author is able to bring definitive facts about oils and their benefits and dangers to his readers. For anyone wanting to learn the chemistry of fats, this is the definitive work. Information includes the manufacturing process of oils, effects on the human body, history, research on fats used in everyday foods, and much more.

Esselstyn, Caldwell B., Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: the Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure, Avery, 2007.
Dr. Esselstyn details a 20-year study he began in 1985 with 24 patients who were suffering from advanced coronary disease. He placed the group on a low-fat (9 to 11% calories from fat) plant-based diet. After the 12-year study ended, the compliant patients continued to adhere to the nutritional program and have enjoyed two decades of freedom from heart disease. Throughout the book he relates the stories of participants who were able to reverse the effects of the heart disease and resume their normal lives. Most significant is the section of photographs showing PET scans and angiograms of before and after their entering the program. Included are numerous recipes developed by Ann Crile Esselstyn and used in the program.

Esselstyn, Rip, The Engine 2 Diet, Wellness Central, 2008
The Engine 2 Diet explodes the myth that a plant-based diet is unhealthy and unpalatable. When a triathlete/firefighter can win competitions and surmount the rigors of the job, the reader knows that this diet is not only a weight loss tool but also an important step in helping to promote sound health and prevent many chronic illnesses. Rip tells readers that after reading this book, "You know more about nutrition than 99 percent of the world. You are on your way to a plant-blessed life. Now get out there and earn your health!"

Freedman, Rory, and Kim Barnouin, Skinny Bitch: a No-nonsense, Tough-love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous! Running Press, 2005
Written by Barnouin, a former model, and Freedman, a modeling agent, Skinny Bitch targets older teens and young women who want to lose weight and are tired of the many unsuccessful diets that bombard them. Beneath the irreverence and the salty language sprinkled throughout is a thoughtful argument for adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle.

Fuhrman, Joel, M.D., Eat to Live, Little, Brown, and Co., 2003
Citing extensive sceintific research, the author advocates a revolutionary diet that ephasizes green vegetables as part of a nutrient-dense, low-calorie diet that is tthe foundation of his weight-loss program. By touting nutrient-dense foods instead of high calorie foods, he shows how anyone can lose weight and improve health. The book includes a six-week, nutrient-dense, low-calorie diet that eliminates dairy products, animal products, between meal-snacks, fruit juices, and dried fruit.

Fuhrman, Joel, M.D., Fasting and Eating for Health, St. Martin's Press, 1995
An outstanding work extolling the benefits of a plant based diet in tandem with fasting to heal the body without drugs or surgery. The book is easy to read with clear explanations of chronic illnesses written in layman's terms. The author stresses the importance of a medically supervised fast, explains preparation for fasting, and details the post-fasting process. Extensive bibliography and detailed index.

Graham, Douglas, The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your Life, One Luscious Bite at a Time, FoodnSport Press, 2006
To anyone who asks whether this is a book for weight management or healthy diet lifestyle, Dr. Graham's answer would be "both." The 80/10/10 Diet is filled with Graham's extensive nutritional knowledge that is culled from his vast personal research. In this volume he encourages his readers to think about their long-standing dietary practices that may have negative health consequences. The book concludes with testimonials from people who have benefited from this low-fat, low-protein diet that emphasizes fresh organic fruits and tender leafy greens. Even those who do not follow this raw food vegan regimen will derive health benefits by incorporating Graham's teachings into their own personal lifestyles.

Heidrich, Ruth with Martin Rowe, Lifelong Running:How to Overcome the 11 Myths of Running and Live a Healthier Life, Lantern Books, 2013
For anyone who believes a raw vegan diet is unhealthy and that running is detrimental to the body, Ruth Heidrich is living proof they are wrong. In Lifelong Running Ruth Heidrich provides both inspiration and information for anyone who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a sensible diet with a valuable exercise like running. Heidrich is the consummate poster person for all she recommends.

Heidrich, Ruth, Ph.D., A Race For Life, Heidrich Weisbrod Associates, 1990
The author tells her fascinating story of recovery from breast cancer, an experience that changed her life and led to her becoming an Ironman Triathalon champion in competition that includes a back-to-back 2.4 mile ocean swim, a 112 mile bike race, and a 26.2 mile marathon. A genuinely inspirational read.

Heidrich, Ruth E., Senior Fitness: The Diet and Exercise Program for Maximum Health and Longevity, Lantern Books, 2005
In chapter after chapter the author outlines a lifestyle that combines a vegan diet with vigorous exercise to reduce the risk that seniors will face disabling degenerative diseases. The book is packed with nutritional and health information that is supported by voluminous research.

Hever, Julieanna, The COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE to Plant-Based Nutrition, Alpha Books, 2011
Julieanna Hever really "knows her onions" -- the fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds that are the focus of the unprocessed whole-foods lifestyle. The COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE to Plant-Based Nutrition is a vast compendium of information and the best guidebook currently available on a plant-based lifestyle. It's everything you want to know about nutrition even before you ask. Julieanna Hever has created a guidebook that will be hard to equal in coming years. We will all be savants, not idiots, after reading this book.

House, Franklin, Stuart A. Seale, and Ian Blake Newman, The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle, Perigree, 2008
The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle is a remarkable guide for people who are dealing with this dreaded degenerative disease. It's everything you want to know about diabetes and more. Most of all, it provides a sensible, realistic way to deal with diabetes to avoid the consequences of this disease. Many people can't afford to enroll in the 18-day program at the Lifestyle Center of America, but they can achieve similar results by buying this book, reading it, and making the significant lifestyle modifications advocated by the authors.

Keon, Joseph, Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth about Cow's Milk and Your Health, New Society Publishers, 2010
In Whitewash Joseph Keon has successfully prosecuted the dairy industry and found them guilty of perpetrating crimes against humans, animals, and the environment. His opponent, a giant industry, has managed to convince health professionals, the media, and the public that dairy products are essential to human health. In his conclusion, Keon states, "The idea that the milk of another species is required for human bone health is not only a silly notion but one the scientific literature has shown to be false." The Whitewash message, supported by 50 pages of research citations, needs to reach the wide audience it deserves. The public needs to learn that it has been duped by a dairy industry that has not honestly presented its wares.

Klaper, Michael, M.D., Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple, Gentle World, 1995
A brief, easy-to-read guide to the world of plant based foods. This book is considered a classic and will be most helpful to those making the transition to purely plant based foods. References and recipes to help along the new path.

Lavine, Jay B., Eye Care Sourcebook, Contemporary Books, 2001
A vegetarian ophthalmologist discusses eye problems and provides information showing how diet and lifestyle effects vision. He discusses how many eye diseases could be prevented by a plant-based diet. Much of the book is devoted to the anatomy of the eye with specific information on the eye muscles, the eyelids and lacrimal system, the cornea and conjuctiva, the retina, and the optic nerve. Not only does he explain how they work, but he details what can go wrong and the treatments available.

Lidle, Agi, Triumph Over Cancer, A Better Life Publications, 2001
This book tells of a woman's personal journey that begins with a life threatening illness and concludes with her triumphant healing. The author describes the natural remedies she used and her healing vegan diet and daily regimen. The last third of the book contains the vegan recipes that helped the author through her illness.

Lisle, Douglas J. and Alan Goldhamer, The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force That Undermines Health and Happiness, Healthy Living Publications, 2003
Offers unique insights into the motivational factors that make people susceptible to dietary and lifestyle excesses, and presents ways to restore the biological processes designed by nature to keep humans running at maximum efficiency and vitality.

McDougall, John A., Dr. McDougall's Digestive Tune-Up, Healthy Living Publications, 2006
Along with his own story of surving a stroke and stomach ailments, Dr. McDougall tells of two of his patients, Larry and Louise Borton, who had many digestive ailments and found their health restored, not by medications, but by dietary changes. Not only do the Bortons suffer from these ailments, but they also are victims of colitis, diverticulosis, constipation, ulcers, and hemorrhoids brought on by their style of eating. McDougall devotes sections to each of these ailments and offers advice on how to alleviate them.

McDougall, John, A., The McDougall Plan, New Win Publishing, Inc., 1983
The author, who created the program at St. Helena Hospital and Health Center, offers in-depth nutritional information focused on diet and health. Learn how to live successfully with a health-supporting diet, how to shop, plan meals, and how to eat out.

McDougall, John and Mary McDougall, The Starch Solution, Rodale, 2012
The Starch Solution is the work of a doctor who has devoted much of his life to research in nutrition. Dr. John McDougall has applied that research to benefit thousands whom he has inspired to make dietary changes that have improved their health. In an era where so many people have dietary related degenerative diseases, he offers a simple plan that would reverse this downward spiral into illness. By accepting and following his program, his readers will experience a healthful renaissance. The Starch Solution is a must read for everyone and especially for those with health problems.

Melina, Vesanto, Jo Stepaniak, and Dina Aronson, Food Allergy Survival Guide: Surviving and Thriving with Food Allergies and Sensitivities, Healthy Living Publications, 2004
A treasure trove of information for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, this reference resource provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the perils of food sensitivities. Not only does this guidebook detail the myriad of sensitivities, but it also helps readers discover they can avoid certain problem foods and still enjoy flavorful eating. Almost half of the book is devoted to approximately 180 recipes free of the most common allergens.

Oldways and Sharon Palmer, The Oldways 4-Week Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Menu Plan, Oldways Preservation and Exchange Trust, 2014
The Oldways 4-Week Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Menu Plan is an excellent guide and handbook for everyone wanting and needing to achieve better health. The best feature is the booklet's brevity, while still covering so many important details. Newcomers to a plant-based eating plan will have recipes, menu plans, nutritional analyses, and a host of tips to get them started on a path to great health and vitality.

Oski, Frank, M.D., Don't Drink Your Milk, Tech Services, 1992
A pediatrician who reveals the evils of milk and the damage is does to the human body. Author was Director of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins.

Palmer, Sharon, The Plant Powered Diet, The Experiment, 2012
The Plant-Powered Diet is an effective road map for anyone seeking optimal health. The trip is made easier because guide Sharon Palmer presents a trove of information to expedite the journey. Easy-to-read text, numerous charts, and numerous practical tips make this comprehensive book an outstanding plan for a gradual transition to a plant-based diet.

Peterson, Marilyn, Vegan Bite-by-Bite, Three Ton Tomato Press, 2011
Vegan Bite-by-Bite is a gem of a book that's not only heaping with solid nutritional information, irresistible recipes, clearly written instructions, and fascinating interviews, the volume also seeks to nurture the inner soul by gently introducing the concept of karma. This compendium has wide appeal for newbies as well as long-time vegans who will enjoy reading and discovering how others made the transition.

Popper, Pam and Glen Merzer, Food Over Medicine, BenBella Books, 2013
Food Over Medicine is a seminal work because it clearly reveals the relationship between diet and lifestyle and degenerative diseases. Everything Popper says is supported by her research and the numerous citations listed in ten pages at the end of the work. The conversational style makes the book so accessible. Because Popper dares to challenge so many existing beliefs and practices, she is probably on the enemies' lists of several organizations and corporations. Hopefully, her whistle blowing will attract the attention of those who desperately need this information.

Pulde, Alona and Matthew Lederman: Recipes by Darshana Thacker and Del Sroufe, Folks Over Knives Plan, Touchstone, 2014,
The Forks Over Knives Plan outlines a dynamic 4-week program to guide readers gently into the whole-foods, plant-based path to good health. Along with their friendly step-by-step approach, the doctors also show the science behind the emerging practice of lifestyle medicine. This is the ideal book for anyone seeking to live a life of zest and vitality in good health.

Pulde, Alona and Matthew Lederman, Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole, Exsalus Health & Wellness Center, 2009
Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole could come with a money-back guarantee that anyone following this lifestyle program will definitely achieve much better health. Doctors Pulde and Lederman don't make this guarantee, but they could. They do provide testimonials from patients who have achieved positive results. For anyone grappling with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or obesity, this book is must reading.

Rudolph, Dustin, Medicine Cabinet: the Pharmacist's Guide to the Hidden Danger of Drugs and the Healing Power of Food, Pursue a Healthy You, 2014
In The Empty Medicine Cabinet Dustin Rudolph presents a lifestyle plan that almost guarantees people will achieve health improvement by following principles he advocates. His prescription is a whole-food, plant based journey that will decrease the need for medications recommended by his colleagues. He has created a healthy lifestyle handbook that should be embraced by people seeking positive health outcomes.

Simon, Michele, Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Your Health and How to Fight Back, Nation Books, 2006
Michele Simon indicts the food industry as a principal culprit responsible for the obesity crisis that is expanding worldwide. The book is not a rant against Big Food but a well-documented and detailed expose of industry practices. The author does not stop with just describing the evils of Big Food in controlling our food supply and choices; she develops strategies for people to fight back. The appendix to the book is a mini handbook for citizens who want to battle the evils of Big Food. Simon is a public health attorney who specializes in nutrition policy and food industry tactics.

Stanger, Janice, The Perfect Formula Diet, Perfect Planet Solutions, 2000
One of many books that encourage the adoption of a plant-based diet, this one should be a considered choice because it presents its case in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow manner. It is packed with information supported by research and could be a textbook for any course on healthy vegetarian nutrition. Janice Stanger has created an excellent guidebook for those who are considering a plant-based regimen.

Stepaniak, Jo, Low FODMAP and Vegan: What to Eat When You Can't Eat Anything, Book Publishing Company, 2016
In Low-FODMAP and Vegan, Jo Stepaniak has created an essential and invaluable guidebook for anyone with IBS or other digestive disorders who wants to continue a vegan diet. As a person who has suffered IBS for many years, she clearly understands others experiencing this disease. In this book she explains FODMAP research in layman's language and uses her expertise in creating recipes that are not only enjoyable to eat but also help people manage IBS.

Vegans who want more information about IBS will find it at Jo Stepaniak's website IBS Vegan.

Stepaniak, Jo and Vesanto Melina, Raising Vegetarian Children, A Guide to Good Health and Family Harmony, Contemporary Books, 2003
An outstanding guide for all families faced with raising vegetarian children. The book offers realistic, sensible suggestions for handling delicate issues facing vegetarian children at home and in a variety of social situations. Melina, a registered dietician, covers the nuts and bolts of vegetarian nutrition, while both authors provide a host of ideas for healthful feeding of the vegetarian child from infancy through the teens.

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Arlin, Stephen, Fouad Dini, and David Wolfe, Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet, Maul Brothers Publishing, 1996
A passionate discourse on raw foodism, offering numerous reasons to adopt a raw food diet and the many benefits derived from following this path. Several apendices enumerate hard facts about the meat, dairy, and egg industries regarding ecological, nutritional and disease concerns.

Avery, Phyllis, The Garden of Eden Raw Fruit and Vegetable Recipes, Hygeia Publishing Co., 1992
An excellent beginning book for those new to raw food preparation. Ingredients are familiar and directions easy to follow. Contains a helpful resource guide for raw foodists, a food combining chart, and an informative, brief section that explains food combining, a glossary, and tips on shopping and selecting fresh fruits and vegetables.

Baird, Lori, ed., Complete Book of Raw Food, Hatherleigh Press, 2003
An impressive volume of 350 raw recipes that provides the opportunity to peer into the kitchens of 50 renowned, innovative raw food chefs from around the globe. A unique feature of the book is the enlightening Meet the Chefs section that offers a brief bio of each of the chefs.

Brotman, Juliano with Erika Lenkert, RAW, the Uncook Book, Regan Books, 1999
An innovative raw food cookbook that offers recipes with creative flair, appealing color photos, food styling, and exceptional graphic design. Recipes from appetizers to desserts with outstanding flavor.

Cornbleet, Jennifer, raw food MADE EASY for 1 or 2 people, REVISED, Book Publishing Company, 2012
raw food MADE EASY for 1 or 2 people, REVISED makes preparing meals easy and uncomplicated. The best part is that every ingredient is fresh and healthy. Some recipes are blessed with as few as three or four ingredients, making it enticing for those new to preparing their own meals. Anyone who can chop and slice will love this book and discover how easy and fun it is to "cook" from scratch.

Cornbleet, Jennifer, Raw for Dessert, Book Publishing Co., 2009
Raw for Dessert takes raw desserts on a delightful journey into the realm of sweet treats with delicious simplicity and wholesome freshness. In Raw for Dessert Jennifer Cornbleet has developed surprisingly easy techniques for dessert preparations to create a tantalizing and delightfully edible art form. This is a book everyone would appreciate, especially novice cooks who can learn how easy it to whip up an impressive dessert within minutes.

Crawley, Amber Shea, Practically Raw Desserts, Vegan Heritage Press, 2013
Practically Raw Desserts opens a sweet new world for people with food intolerances who have been unable to enjoy traditional desserts. The book is a stunning festival of treats displayed in numerous beautiful, full color photographs. One taste is convincing enough to recognize the talents of a special chef who has mastered the art of indulgent sweets. The book is a must for every kitchen, and especially for those who have felt excluded because of food allergies and sensitivities. The recipes are well crafted to be easy, flexible, and doggone delicious.

Davis, Brenda and Vesanto Melina with Rynn Berry, Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets, Book Publishing Co., 2010
You don't have to be a raw devotee to benefit from reading Becoming Raw because so much of the nutritional information applies to everyone. Anyone who contemplates going raw will find this volume an essential guidebook for achieving success in this lifestyle. For those who have thumbed through numerous diet books to take off extra pounds, this well researched work clearly provides an optimal solution. The authors state it succinctly when they write "A well-designed raw vegan diet can be viewed as the ultimate weight-loss regimen."

Dorit, Celebrating Our Raw Nature: Plant-Based Living Cuisine, Book Publishing Company, 2007
Celebrating Our Raw Nature by Dorit is truly a jubilant celebration of our bountiful kingdom of fresh fruits and vegetables. The recipes are uncomplicated and so easy to follow, they could tempt anyone to want to go raw. Just reading the recipes sparks the urge to gather a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and start tossing them into the blender or food processor.

Elliot, Angela, Alive in 5: Raw Gourmet Meals in Five Minutes, Book Publishing Company, 2007
With so many avoiding food preparation at home, this book is a true inspiration to bring reluctant cooks back into the kitchen for a rawsome experience. Because of the multitude of easy recipes, accessible healthful ingredients, and helpful tips, Alive in 5 is an ideal book to introduce the raw food lifestyle. You will discover how easy it is to prepare living cuisine in about five minutes, with very little equipment and easy-to-find ingredients. While a number of raw food books feature complicated recipes and exotic ingredients, this book includes many dishes with familiar ingredients and simple directions that read, "Combine all the ingredients in a blender, and process until smooth."

Graham, Douglas N., D.C., Nutrition and Athletic Performance, Self Published, 1999
A chiropractor and athletic coach to Olympian sports figures for 35 years, the author presents his unique approach to recovering from vigorous athletic endeavors with raw foods. Discusses a high-performance diet that includes focus on fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

Halfmoon, Hygeia, Ph.D., Primal Mothering in a Modern World, Maul Bros. Publishing, 1998
Since becoming a fruitarian, the author has raised three children and shares valuable information on raw food/fruitarian mothering. This invaluable book covers pregnancy through birth, bonding, breastfeeding, natural hygiene, and homeschooling.

Jubb, Annie Padden and David Jubb, Life Food Recipe Book: Living on Life Force, North Atlantic Books, 2003
A treasure of healthful living information and original recipes reflects the natural living philosophy of the authors. For proponents of the raw food regimen as well as those just learning, there is much to appreciate in this volume which is an exceptional guide and reference tool. The numerous tidbits of wisdom that flow through the book as "Secret Teachings" are invaluable.

Kyssa, Natasha, The Simply Raw Living Foods Detox Manual, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2009
The Simply Raw Living Foods Detox Manual is a must-have handbook for anyone seeking a sensible path to reclaim good health and emotional wellness. This well-conceived book contains invaluable guidelines and wholesome recipes for ridding the body of chemical and dietary toxicity with a gentle, yet progressive 28-day program that unchains one from bad habits and reinforces good daily practices. Read the book again and again, then, share it with someone in need.

Markowitz, Elysa, Living with Green Power, Alive Books, 1997
Recipes that focus on using the Green Power juicer for everything raw from appetizers, beverages, sorbets, and salads, to hearty entrees, soups, and even desserts. Attractive graphic design and color photos throughout.

Markowitz, Elysa, Warming Up to Living Foods, Book Publishing Co., 1998
Creative raw recipes that give many options for employing common kitchen devices to gently warm foods while still keeping valuable enzymes intact. Author is host of Elysa's Raw and Wild Foods Show on cable.

Montgomery, Beth, Introducing Living Foods to Your Child: Guidebook for Babies through Two Years, Maul Bros. Publishing, 2000
A thoughtful, informative booklet on living foods and children. Strategies for successfully introducing living foods to babies and young children. Though concise, it's packed with information that will answer common questions and concerns. Recipes are easy for parents to prepare.

Phyo, Ani, Ani's Raw Food Desserts: 85 Easy Delectable Sweets and Treats, Da Capo Press, 2009
Ani's Raw Food Desserts is a gem of a dessert book, not just for raw foodists, but also for anyone who wants to enjoy dessert to the max and still stay slim and healthy. Desserts made from fruits, nuts, and seeds are so healthful you can have them for breakfast guilt-free! Author Ani Phyo has made an art of creating exciting, raw, sweet treats with a minimum of ingredients perfect for today's busy households. No one will need convincing that this book is a winner--it's instantly seductive. Think of it as a dream gift for a raw foodist, a pastry chef, or anyone who appreciates delicious desserts.

Romano, Rita, Dining in the Raw, Kensington Books, 1992
An extensive resource, this cookbook includes vegetarian recipes that focus on four disciplines: Raw Foods, Macrobiotic Cooking, Vegan Recipes, and Allergy-Free Cooking. An experienced cooking instructor, the author was a restaurateur and executive chef at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.

Rotondi, Rod, Raw Food for Real People, New World Library, 2009
Raw Food for Real People is a sneak peak into the passion author Rod Rotondi forges with raw food--food he considers the most natural way of eating for humans. The well-conceived original recipes are elegant and downright delicious, yet truly easy to prepare. This beautiful volume proves that in raw cuisine it is possible to recreate a variety of tastes and textures without adulterating food. Rod clearly demonstrates that raw food cuisine, while not yet in the mainstream, is beginning to forge an impressive place in the culinary world and in many households.

Safron, Jeremy, The Raw Foods Resource Guide, Celestial Arts, 2005
The ultimate raw food resource, this concise guidebook leads raw disciples to the best places to dine on nature's delights or to purchase products for food preparation at home. The reader will discover raw food websites, learn new techniques, and find other enthusiasts when seeking support. An ideal handy reference, the book is small enough to carry in a backpack when traveling.

Shannon, Nomi, The Raw Gourmet, Alive Books, 1999
An exceptional cookbook for gourmet raw food preparations that are easy to prepare, tasty and visually appealing. Published by Alive Books, it's truly alive with beautiful full-page photos that beckon one to the kitchen.

Soria, Cherie and Dan Ladermann. Raw Food for Dummies, Wiley, 2013
What makes Raw Food for Dummies stand apart from other raw food cookbooks is the extensive and dedicated attention given to detail from raw food nutrition to purchasing and using kitchen equipment to the actual food preparation techniques. Many years of teaching experience have helped Cherie and Dan share their knowledge in a way that makes it easy for anyone to learn. With this awesome book as a guide, no experience is needed to be completely successful preparing delicious raw meals and living the raw life in a vibrant and healthful way.

Soria, Cherie, Brenda Davis, and Vesanto Melina, The Raw Food Revolution Diet, Book Publishing Co., 2008
The Raw Food Revolution Diet is an invaluable tool to launch anyone to board a lifestyle that is truly becoming a food revolution. No one need ever feel deprived of indulgent comfort foods with this rich cornucopia of earthly pleasures contained within these pages. Newcomers and raw fooders alike will find this volume not only helpful but also highly informative and richly detailed. The recipes are well crafted, clearly written, and easy to follow with numbered directions. The bookshelf of today's kitchen would be incomplete without The Raw Food Revolution Diet.

Stoycoff, Cheryl, Raw Kids, Living Spirit Publishing, 2000
Whether your goal is to transition your child to a 100% raw food vegetarian diet, or simply incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet, you will find this a valuable resource. It helps parents understand the process and implement the changes necessary for a successful transition to raw foods.

Trotter, Charlie and Roxanne Klein, Raw, Ten Speed Press, 2003
When two internationally renowned chefs combine their unique talents and experience in one outstanding volume, the result is a stunning coffee-table size book with breathtaking full color food photographs and recipes that raise the bar of raw food cuisine into the domain of haute cuisine. Pro-chefs and home chefs alike will encounter a sumptuous feast from cover to cover.

Wolfe, David, The Sunfood Diet Success System, Maul Brothers Publishing, 1999
Contains 36 informative lessons that aid a non vegetarian to understand and transition into a raw food diet. Complete with historical quotations, poetry, references to evolution, and medical anecdotes. Contains many helpful charts and resources.

Zavasta, Tonya, Beautiful on Raw: unCooked Creations, BR Publishing, 2006
Beautiful on Raw contains numerous recipes, yet it is more than a cookbook. The author praises the benefits of raw food and feels her words pale when comparing the actual results. Because of her own dramatic transformation, she directs the book to all women who are plain and imperfect, women whose dream it is to become beautiful. She puts the emphasis on 100 raw ingredients by featuring each one with a page of nutritional benefits that boast the food's nutrients and phytochemical content.

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Davis, Gail, The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Convenience Foods, NewSage Press, 1999
When new vegetarians lament that they don't know what to eat, they will find a ready-made guide in this book. The resources cover the whole range of convenience foods from dairy products, burgers, and frozen foods, to traveling fare, party foods, and desserts. Great information on sweeteners. Excellent resources section, glossary, and networking resources.

Davis, Gail, Vegetarian Food for Thought, NewSage Press, 1999
A well researched book of quotations and inspirational thoughts from famous people whose vegetarian focus expresses their convictions and offers encouragement and comfort in today's world. Quotations span the centuries with thoughts from people like Brigitte Bardot, William Penn, and Herodotus.

Page, Karen and Andrew Dornenburg, The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, Little Brown, 2014
The Vegetarian Flavor Bible is the perfect gift to give anyone who has a genuine passion for creating exceptional dishes featuring plant-based foods. Every chef and food lover will find this jumbo volume a compendium of infinite ideas for making foods flavorful. No longer does a cook need to wonder what goes well with zucchini, or apples, or pomegranates to complete a dish. Karen and Andrew have created the ultimate bible for both novice and serious cooks.

Parachin, Victor, 365 Good Reasons to be a Vegetarian, Avery, 1998
An impressive collection of reasons to be vegetarian from health benefits, to ecology of the planet, to preventing the suffering of animals. Included are quotations from famous figures in history to present day celebrities with touches of humor interspersed throughout the book. A great gift book or one for personal pleasure.

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Meyerowitz, Steve, Sprouts, the Miracle Food: the Complete Guide to Sprouting, Sproutman Publications, 1998
Everything you've wanted to know about sprouting, including equipment from simple homemade to electric. Complete details from germination to mature sprouts, nutrition, vitamin and mineral content, to harvesting and storing the sprouts. Sprouting charts and detailed resource section.

Wigmore, Ann, The Sprouting Book, Avery Publishing Group, 1986
An excellent guide to learning about the benefits and techniques of sprouting. Includes recipes for Rejuvelac and how to include it in your diet.

Wigmore, Ann, The Wheatgrass Book, Avery Publishing Group, Inc., 1985
Extensively researched, this book presents complete information about how wheatgrass develops its many nutrients and how the body benefits from its consumption. Included is a section on growing wheatgrass, a few recipes for green drinks, and how to use wheatgrass as medicine.

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Cooney, Nick, Veganomics, Lantern Books, 2014
In Veganomics Nick Cooney clearly displays his dedication to the cause of lessening animal misery by his willingness to amass an enormous trove of research studies. At the same time he has created a highly readable volume filled with fascinating factual information, a handbook for vegetarian/vegan activists who now have facts backed by research to further their cause. But you don't have to be an activist to enjoy this volume. Each reader will now be more aware of the role diet plays in animal welfare.

Davis, Brenda, R.D. & Vesanto Melina, M.S., R.D. Becoming Vegan, Book Publishing Company, 2000
Written by vegetarian dieticians, the book contains complete up-to-date nutritional information on adopting a plant-based diet. Covers vegan health issues, myths, nutrition, important vitamins and minerals, vegan food guide, phytochemicals, and overweight as well as underweight issues. Includes sections on vegan athletics and vegan diplomacy, a wide-ranging resource section, vegan substitutes for traditional foods, and a basic shopping list.

Dickinson, Lynda, Why Vegetarian?, Gordon Soules Book Publishers Ltd., 1994
The book begins with vegan recipe contributions from all around the globe. The following chapters concisely present the case for an animal-free diet from the health benefits to healing the environment to examining the miserable life of animals raised for food. Includes extensive listing of vegetarian and animal welfare organizations in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. The author encourages activism through letter writing and Proposals for Action. Extensive chapter notes.

Dinshah, Anne, Dating Vegans, American Vegan Society, 2012
Dating Vegans is a valuable tool for guiding vegans in establishing relationships with members of the opposite sex. The real life experiences chronicled by Dinshah provide an insight into establishing relationships with people whose views don't match. Anne Dinshah has created a memoir of her own experiences and shares it with others who may benefit. Dating Vegans is not just a book about veganism. It contains not only simple recipes but also valuable lifeskills and human interest stories of people making their way in a complicated minefield of life and love.

Fox, Michael Allen, Deep Vegetarianism, Temple University Press, 1999
A scholarly examination of vegetarianism from ancient historic times to the present with focus on vegan ethics, philosophical issues, arguments for and against vegetarianism, and future insights on the effects of a vegan society. Extensive footnotes, bibliography, and detailed index.

Freston, Kathy, Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World, Weinstein Books, 2011
Veganist i s the ideal blend of style and substance. Kathy Freston has made a thorough investigation of veganism and presents the information in an accessible conversational style. It is neither a scholarly work nor a harangue, but, instead, it is an outstanding introduction to the vegan lifestyle. Her advocacy of a moderate approach will likely appeal to many who will follow her down the road to becoming "veganists."

Gentle World, Inc., Incredibly Delicious, The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook, Gentle World, 2000
At first glance one sees an extensive vegan cookbook that also contains a substantial section on preparing raw foods. Look closer and discover the vegan philosophy that comes through the numerous quotations by famous people. The Vegan Paradigm section, though not lengthy, offers much to those seeking guidance and resources on living vegan with numerous substitute suggestions from foods to supplements to cruelty-free personal care, pet care, and home care products. Contains mail order resources, recommended books list, videos, and kitchen appliances in addition to a user-friendly index.

Marcus, Erik, Vegan: the New Ethics of Eating, rev. ed., McBooks, 2001
By presenting experiences of how real people have taken positive steps to help mankind, this important work helps humanity develop awareness in three important areas: health, the treatment of animals, and concerns for the planet.

Matthews, Lara, Lola Lollipop: ANIMALS ARE EVIL, Greenbright Publishing, 2010
In Lola Lollipop: ANIMALS ARE EVIL, Lara Matthews shuns the idea of delivering the vegan message too stridently. Instead of writing essays or articles, she utilizes the medium of the cartoon strip with only a minimum of words to convey her thoughts and feelings about animal issues and vegetarianism. Her use of irony and sarcasm give the book that edgy appeal that makes this work so charming. Lara's ideas are presented in a humorous and engagingly drawn package that readers will enjoy and even want to share with their friends and families.

Popick, Jeff, The Real Forbidden Fruit: How Meat Destroys Paradise and How Veganism Can Get It Back, VeganWorld Publishing, 2007
In The Real Forbidden Fruit the author presents the vegan message in a lively engaging manner while exposing "The Big Lie," a process that begins with meat eaters who work to promote laws that permit animals to be killed for food. This book is not intended for the timid reader who does not want to face the consequences of a meat-obsessed culture.

Reinhardt, Mark Warren, The Perfectly Contented Meat-Eater's Guide to Vegetarianism, The Continuum Publishing Company, 1999
Flip, hip, and well researched, this volume expresses the vegan message with a light humorous approach. Straightforward information is neatly sandwiched between chuckles with flip asides to entertain while presenting solid nutritional information, vegan ethics and philosophy, and helpful hints on dealing with everyday situations new vegetarians face. Because of its comical approach, it makes an excellent book to share with those reluctant to learn about vegetarianism. Numerous resources appear at the end of the book.

Rivera, Michelle A., The Simple Little Vegan Dog Book, Book Publishing Company, 2009
Attractively illustrated with numerous appealing photos of dogs and their owners, this book does not try to overwhelm readers with everything they need to know about dogs. In less than an hour anyone will be able to read and absorb the message that dogs can benefit from healthy food. Although the author promotes a vegan program for dogs, she does advise caution and consultation with veterinarians. This book is highly recommended to potential vegan dog owners and even to those who currently have pet dogs.

Robertson, Jon and Robin Robertson, Vegan Unplugged: a Pantry Cuisine Cookbook and Survival Guide. Vegan Heritage Press, 2010
Vegan Unplugged is the ideal volume to have on hand along with the household emergency supplies. The helpful information is invaluable for those special times when the unexpected happens and the kids ask, "When's dinner?" Jon and Robin have lived through those times when a major hurricane like Isabel left them without power for a week. The book is packed with all sorts of tips to help the family eat well and fare well whether at home or on the road.

Rose, Stewart, The Vegetarian Solution: Your Answer to Cancer, Heart Disease, Global Warming, and More, Healthy Living Publications, 2007
Stewart Rose proves that presenting the vegetarian message does not require thousands of pages. In this compact, fact-filled volume the author tells you almost everything you need to know about adopting a safe and sane vegetarian lifestyle. This book is a valuable guidebook for anyone interested in vegetarianism. If you are a vegetarian, it's a great gift for anyone contemplating making that lifestyle change. Better yet, keep one on your home bookshelf and open it occasionally to remind you of all the positive benefits of your own lifestyle.

Schwartz, Richard, Ph.D., Judaism and Vegetarianism, Lantern Books, 2001
Though the title uses the word vegetarianism, the author clearly makes the case for veganism with extensive references to the Torah and quotes from historic rabbinical scholars. Well researched and written with sincere conviction, the book shows the strong connection between Judaism and vegetarianism through the many Torah references to compassion for animals. Argues that a shift to vegetarianism will be beneficial to humans, animals, and the environment. Extensive footnotes and an exceptional appendix covering a multitude of subjects.

Schwegmann, Michelle and Josh Hoote, Eat Like You Give a Damn, Book Publishing Company, 2015
The Eat Like You Give A Damn cookbook is a gem of easy every-day vegan dishes, a terrific go-to volume for the every-day household. Though these recipes grace the Herbivore's dining table, they're ideal for everyone's table. Between the covers are the magical recipes that make foodies smile and mealtimes so delightful.

Shaberman, Ben, THEVEGANMONOLOGUES: COLLECTED ESSAYS, Apprentice House, 2009
Ben Shaberman is not afraid to poke fun at himself as he examines the painful and frustrating experiences in his life, experiences that are universal. We smile and giggle as we read THEVEGANMOLOGUES because we have faced many of these moments ourselves. Like all of us, he is seeking love and acceptance. Shaberman's essays have previously appeared in large metropolitan newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and the Baltimore Sun and magazines like Vegetarian Times and VegNews. His commentaries have been heard on NPR stations.

Stepaniak, Joanne, Being Vegan, Living with Conscience, Conviction, and Compassion, Lowell House ­ NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group, 2000
A multitude of questions from readers of Stepaniak's web site offers a forum for her detailed answers to dilemmas often faced by those following the vegan path. Everything from philosophical issues, religion, and health to global concerns, relationships, diet, and family issues are included. An excellent handbook with an informal format.

Stepaniak, Joanne, The Vegan Sourcebook, Lowell House, 1998
The ultimate guidebook for vegan ethics that addresses lifestyle, environmental, nutritional, social and psychological concerns. Some recipes included along with many excellent resources. Presents the history of the vegan movement that began in England.

Strombom, Amanda and Stewart Rose, Say No to Meat, Healthy Living Publications, 2011
Over the years, Amanda Strombom and Stewart Rose have encountered numerous questions about vegetarianism and recognized the need to provide answers. Written in an informal, friendly style, Say No To Meat reflects on the subjects of health, animal concerns, the environment, global hunger, spirituality, and societal issues and responds with mindful and thoughtful answers to the frequently asked questions. Instead of delivering an answer with a harangue or lecture, the authors put the reader at ease and actually make vegetarianism seem non-threatening, totally comfortable, and openly inviting.

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Abraham, Ellen, Simple Treats, Book Publishing Company, 2003
The owner of the bakery by the same name offers hints and recipes for creating vegan desserts like cakes, cookies, muffins, and breads at home.

Abrams, Maribeth and Anne Dinshah, The 4-Ingredient Vegan, Book Publishing Company, 2010
Because the recipes have so few ingredients and the directions are super-easy, The 4 Ingredient Vegan is an excellent book to introduce those new to preparing their own foods or are new to vegan dining. No frills, daunting terminology, or complicated directions makes this book the ideal starter kit for people of any age, especially teens who decide to go vegan and need healthful recipes that focus on simplicity.

Alexander, Nanci, The Sublime Restaurant Cookbook, Book Publishing Co., 2009
The Sublime Restaurant Cookbook recipes are surprisingly easy to prepare, yet designed with a unique flair, making this volume a welcome addition to the home cookbook shelf. Whether its dishes for everyday fare or something special for expected guests, the book is all-inclusive and presents its offerings in a clear, concise, and totally doable style. Those who wish they could dine at Sublime regularly can easily consider the cookbook an excellent stand-in for being there.

Atlas, Nava, Vegan Express, Broadway Books, 2008
For author Nava Atlas, Vegan Express is the well-traveled road to her express kitchen where she created this banquet of 160 appealing dishes in a minimum of time. For anyone who values delectable, wholesome foods with fresh ingredients but finds limited time for complex cooking, Vegan Express is the jewel of the times. The recipes are easy to prepare quickly, focus on familiar ingredients, and offer delightful, delicious diversity. Every family who shares the common experience of hectic days or weeks will find this uniquely inspired cookbook invaluable.

Atlas, Nava, Vegan Holiday Kitchen: More Than 200 Delicious, Festive Recipes for Special Occasions, Sterling, 2011
Vegan Holiday Kitchen is a beautiful volume that contains a galaxy of tantalizing recipes, not only for entertaining throughout the fall and winter holidays, but also for creative spring and summer celebrations. The book is a graphic delight with a multitude of well-designed full-page photos artfully displaying irresistible dishes. Recipes and instructions are so clear and invitingly doable, you'll want this cookbook at your fingertips year-round.

Atlas, Nava, Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons, Broadway Books, 2009
This fourth edition of this book has been transformed into a totally vegan cookbook, completely revised with 120 recipes arranged by seasons. Dairy and eggs have been eliminated while 20 new recipes have been added. This book clearly demonstrates why Nava Atlas is on the list of top vegan/vegetarian cookbook authors.

Atlas, Nava, Wild About Greens, Sterling, 2012
Wild About Greens is destined to become the go-to classic cookbook for anyone seeking information on preparing raw and cooked dishes featuring leafy green vegetables. With author Nava Atlas as guide, anyone can feel confident enough to bring greens home from the market and prepare beautiful, eye-appealing, and healthful dishes for the family.

Barnard, Neal and Robyn Webb, The Get Healthy Vegan Cookbook, Da Capo Press, 2010
This is an excellent guidebook for anyone embarking on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. The authors suggest that readers take a three-week test drive instead of just plunging into the program. If the test-drivers notice positive results, they will be motivated to continue. "This is the most important step I have ever taken. You have changed my life, " says Manuel of Los Altos, California. His testimonial could serve as a brief review of this book.

Barnard, Tanya and Sarah Kramer, The Garden of Vegan, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2003
The authors of How It All Vegan are back with a new collection of recipes in a cookbook featuring their irreverent, inimitable style with anecdotes, kitchen hints, and tips.

Barnard, Tanya, and Sarah Kramer, How it all Vegan!, Irresistible Recipes for an Animal-Free Diet, Arsenal Pulp Press, 1999
A unique book that deals with the vegan lifestyle in the form of a recipe for everything from great breakfast foods through desserts to foods and fun crafts for kids such as papier mache. Recipes also include three versions of tofu jerky. The book finishes with a plethora of vegan recipes for household cleaners to weed killers to toothpaste, and even includes recipes for natural cosmetics such as Oatmeal Almond Facial Scrub.

Bennett, Beverly Lynn, Vegan Bites: Recipes for Singles, Book Publishing Company, 2008
This vegan cookbook is carefully conceived for the needs of singles, teens, and the "young at heart." Thanks to savvy chef, food writer, and cookbook author Beverly Lynn Bennett, cooking for one doesn't have to mean preparing a huge pot of beans and eating the same food again and again and again for the entire week. Long overdue, this book also addresses the needs of young adults who have chosen the vegan path while still living at home with their non-vegan parents. Fun cooking and tasty eats may even become a springboard that sparks interest for a young person to become a vegan chef.

Berns, Kittee, Teff Love, Book Publishing Company, 2014
In Teff Love, Kittee Berns does an amazing job of introducing the Western world to Ethiopian cuisine from fitfit to firfir. While Ethiopian cuisine may seem complex, this author breaks it down so anyone can recreate a tasty meal at home. The tantalizing results are irresistible dishes to delight the palate with lively, complex flavors.

Bingham, Rita, 1-2-3 Smoothies, Natural Meals Publishing, 1999
Presents 123 nutritious drinks made with natural ingredients and no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Provides information on how to create milk substitutes using whole grains, seeds, and nuts. Concludes with nutritional information and charts with data on the ingredients used in the recipes.

Bloomfield, Barb, Judy Brown, and Siegfried Gursche, Flax: The Super Food!, Book Publishing Company, 2000
An exceptional, inexpensive cookbook that incorporates flax seeds into each of the 80 plus flavorful recipes. Introduction cites health studies that tout flax as a healing food for many of today's ills. Recipes have nutritional analysis.

Bloomfield, Barb, More Fabulous Beans, Book Publishing Company, 2004
The author of the successful Fabulous Beans returns with More Fabulous Beans filled with popular recipes from the first volume along with many new additions. Ideal for the busy homemaker, most of the recipes call for cooked beans, allowing the cook to use canned or pre-prepared legumes. This collection of more that 100 recipes using 14 kinds of beans is not a glitzy production, just a combination of tasty, high-fiber creations presented in a simple format.

Bravo, Ramses, Bravo!: Health-Promoting Meals from the True North Kitchen, Book Publishing Company, 2012
Bravo! is a stand-apart cookbook that walks the walk and talks the talk of delivering recipes that are healthful and health promoting. None of the all-vegan recipes contains sugar, oil, or salt (SOS). Those three condiments are considered addictive and responsible for leading people to eat unhealthful foods resulting in poor health. While a visit to TrueNorth would be highly beneficial to anyone seeking better health, following the recipes in this book could be the next best thing.

Brent, Eric, The Happy Cow Cookbook, Benbella Books, 2014
The Happy Cow Cookbook showcases a minimum of three attractive photos for each restaurant, some displaying mouth-watering dishes, to make this a gorgeous volume. For anyone traveling across the U.S., planning a stay-cation, or journeying overseas, this volume is much more than a coffe table cookbook--it's a visual treasure that can be packed in a suitcase or taken into the kitchen to prepare a taste of the great big wide vegan world.

Brill, Steve, The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook, Harvard Common Press, 2002
Creatively presents over 500 vegan recipes that feature wild foraged plants in the ingredients. "Wildman" Brill guides the reader in the culinary use of approximately 150 unrecognized wild gourmet plants that can be found in open spaces around the country. The book organizes the recipes by plants found during different seasons of the year.

Burton, Dreena, eat, drink, and be vegan, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2007
This book is a testimony that healthful eating in grand vegan style is totally doable by busy families or individuals leading active lifestyles. The author presents a friendly family delight that won't sit on the bookshelf long before it develops the signs of affection like drips and splashes from loving use.

Burton, Dreena, Vive le Vegan! Arsenal Pulp Press, 2004
Demonstrates that a busy mom can prepare delicious, everyday, plant-based meals for the family without the stress many new mothers experience. Vive le Vegan! will be especially appreciated by mothers of newborn infants who can learn the appropriate times to introduce specific foods that are known to create problems for babies' immature digestive systems. Not all the recipes are geared to feeding baby. There are plenty of tasty down-home dishes for the adults as well.

Calabrese, Karyn, Soak Your Nuts, Book Publishing Company, 2013
Karyn Calabrese's Soak Your Nuts is an exceptional cookbook that focuses on two dimensions of vegan cuisine--raw foods and cooked dishes. Over the many years as Karyn has nurtured her Chicago restaurants into success, she has developed a banquet of recipes and shares many of them in this book. Most of the recipes are easy to prepare at home and have been kitchen tested to perfection. Those who turn strictly to raw foods have plenty to chew on in the raw portion of this volume. And, people who prefer some or all of their foods cooked have a truly rich collection of recipes to enjoy with Soak Your Nuts on the kitchen cookbook shelf.

Cerier, Leslie, Going Wild in the Kitchen: the Fresh & Sassy Tastes of Vegetarian Cooking, Square One Publications, 2005
Whether its grain dishes, main dishes, side dishes, or anything in-between, it's a wild ride in this author's kitchen. The author packs this volume with loads of Mix and Match ideas to inspire anyone interested in cooking with a multitude of variations. Sidebars, cooking tips, head notes, and For a Change suggestions all share a common theme--there are no have-to's in these recipes, only variations and more variations in this innovatively crafted cookbook.

Chelf, Vickie Rae and Dominique Biscotti, The Sensuous Vegetarian Barbecue, Avery Publishing Group, 1994
This book is a must for the summer season to enjoy the pleasure of grilled foods with provocative flavors and innovative combinations. Complete with tips on grilling equipment, an excellent glossary, and even a recipe for grilled pizza.

Cole, Candia Lee, Not Milk: NUTMILKS!, 40 of the Most Original Dairy-Free Milk Recipes Ever!, Woodbridge Press, 1990
Innovative recipes for non-dairy milks that put nuts and seeds at center stage. Informative with tips for storing, sweetening and fortifying the nutmilks and a resource section to help locate ingredients.

Costigan, Fran, More Great Good Dairy-free Desserts, Book Publishing Company, 2006
This basic baking primer is loaded with invaluable tips and excellent easy-to-understand directions. Most of the recipes include common, easily found ingredients like chocolate, whole-wheat pastry flour, fruits and fruit juices, traditional leavenings like baking powder and baking soda, and flavoring extracts. However, the readers who purchase this book will learn the how-to of sophisticated techniques like gelling and creating softer textures with less familiar ingredients like agar, arrowroot, and kuzu.

Dever, Zsu, Aquafaba: Sweet and Savory Vegan Recipes Mage Egg-Free withe the Magic of Bean Water, Vegan Heritage Press, 2016
In Aquafaba, Zsu Dever has fashioned an entire vegan cookbook for people who want to avoid eggs, but still want the revered classic genre of light and airy dishes that were formerly made with eggs. What makes the book special is that she reaches across continents and utilizes aquafaba in so many tempting international dishes. The book is smartly laid out, features easy-to-read fractions in the ingredient lists, and offers brilliantly photographed illustrations of unique dishes. Both the novice cook and the experienced chef will find much to savor within its pages.

Diamond, Marilyn, The American Vegetarian Cookbook from the Fit for Life Kitchen, Warner Books, 1990
Informative from beginning to end, this book is a jewel for anyone but especially beneficial for those new to the vegan or vegetarian scene. From kitchen basics to cantaloupe milk, from hip pastas to Holiday Pumpkin Pie, this practical cookbook would be a welcome addition to everyone's cookbook library.

Donaldson, Sue, Foods That Don't Fight Back, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2003
While cooking and animal rights may seem totally unrelated, author Sue Donaldson combines the two subjects to bring animal suffering awareness directly onto the dinner plate. Donaldson clearly describes the misery animals raised for food experience before they reach the stockpot or skillet. The major focus of the book, however, is a banquet of vegan recipes with an uncluttered presentation.

Engel, Jenny & Heather Goldberg, Spork-Fed, St. Lynn's Press, 2011
Spork-Fed is a reflection of the sparkling enthusiasm and creativity of Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg who have assembled a delicious vegan visual treasure chest of easy-to-prepare recipes. They successfully manage to veganize many recipes familiar in an omnivore repertoire. One of their desires is to make food preparation a fun experience. For those not fortunate to take one of their cooking classes, buying this book may be the next best thing. As the sisters say in the introduction, "We strive to present a cuisine that is modern and sophisticated, as we want anyone who picks up this book to feel proud to serve these dishes to anyone lucky enough to sit at your table." They have definitely succeeded.

Erhart, Shep, and Leslie Cerier, Sea Vegetable Celebration, The Book Publishing Company, 2001
This is a specialty book that takes one on a sea vegetable gathering journey and strives to educate readers on the nutritional benefits of this ocean harvest. The authors introduce other uses for sea vegetables such as shampooing, bathing, and fertilizing plants. Offered are unique sea vegetable recipes like Dulse Vegetarian Pizza. Offers a helpful chart with nutritional information, a resource page, bibliography, and index.

Esslstyn, Anne Crile and Jane Esselstyn, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook: Over 125 Delicious, Life-Changing, Plant-Based Recipes, Avery, 2014
The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook is not just for those recovering from heart disease. The key words are "prevent" and "reverse." Everyone can benefit from this whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle that will aid in unclogging those plaque-filled arteries. By leaving processed foods laden with salt, sugar and oil behind, people can enjoy these delicious recipes and take charge of their own health at the same time. In this book Authors Ann and Jane Esselstyn clearly demonstrate that healthy can be delicious!

Esselstyn, Rip, Plant Strong: Discover the World's Healthiest Diet--with 150 New Engine 2 Recipes, Grand Central Life & Style, 2015
The overriding message of Plant-Strong comes in Part 1 when Esselstyn states, "Plants can heal. Plants can nourish. Plants can nurture. Plants can give you everything you need to be the healthiest person you can be and live the life you deserve to live." In this book Rip Esselstyn not only gives the health reasons for following a plant-based lifestyle, but also by providing the delicious recipes, he gives readers the basic tools that lead to great health and vitality.

Feral, Priscilla and Lee Hall with Friends of Animals, Dining with Friends: the Art of North American Vegan Cuisine Cookbook, Nectar Bat Press, 2005
This banquet of innovative recipes features fresh fruits and vegetables in preparations that are easy, even to the new home chef. The team efforts of creative vegan chef, gardener and animal activist Priscilla Feral and animal law and environmental activist Lee Hall blossomed into a stunning vegan cookbook that reflects the authors' commitment to live "in harmony with the planet and its inhabitants."

Freed, Hermine, The Vegan Epicure: 135 Delicious Recipes for Healthy Eating, Sterling Publishing Co., 1998
A discussion of foods that heal and foods that harm precedes a collection of recipes that includes everything from soups to desserts. Especially useful is the reference section that presents a chart of nutrients and the foods that contain them and another chart of nutritional values of foods. Includes a bibliography.

Gentry, Ann with Anthony Head, The Real Food Daily Cookbook, Ten Speed Press, 2005
The owner of the popular Real Food Daily Restaurants in Southern California has compiled recipes that reflect her philosophy. "The Real Food Daily approach is an innovative and life-enhancing blend of world cuisines, and this book is about living in harmony with our environment and reaping the delicious rewards."

Gertenstein, Devra, Local Bounty: Seasonal Vegan Recipes, Book Publishing Company, 2007
Local Bounty: Seasonal Vegan Recipes is not only a vegetable treasure trove of innovative recipes with a seasonal focus, but it is also a book that brings home the important message of buying local produce and supporting the local farmers. The recipes are uniquely conceived and introduce unusual vegetables that may be available only at farmers' markets. Easy enough for newcomers to the kitchen and tempting enough to entice home chefs into preparing homemade dishes, the recipes really put vegetables in the forefront of the mealtime offerings.

Goudreau, Colleen-Patrick, The Vegan Table, Fair Winds Press, 2009
An exceptional cookbook, this volume is much more than a collection of recipes. It's a guide to successful vegan entertaining and living with awareness that the compassionate vegan lifestyle allows our furry and feathered friends to live peacefully among us earth-dwellers. Keep this volume handy on the bookshelf--it's the ideal kitchen companion you'll reach for when company's coming.

Greenberg, Patricia, with Helen Newton Hartung, The Whole Soy Cookbook, Three Rivers Press, 1998
Nutritionist and graduate of the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, the author covers the vegan table with delightfully annotated recipes from appetizers to desserts that include nutritional data. This innovative recipe volume also includes sources for soy products, an excellent index, and a metric conversion chart

Grogan, Bryanna Clark, and Joanne Stepaniak, Dairy-Free and Delicious, The Book Publishing Company, 2001
Readers will benefit from the excellent section focused on dairy-free nutrition by Brenda Davis, R.D. The recipes by two seasoned cookbook pros cover a full range of dishes that imitate the taste and mouthfeel of dairy products while treating the reader to delectables like Sour-Cream Streusel Cake, Lasagne, and Cream of Mushroom Soup, all without dairy products. Well indexed.

Grogan, Bryanna Clark, The Fiber for Life Cookbook, Book Publishing Company, 2002
Stresses the importance of fiber in the diet in preventing many lifestyle diseases and offers numerous gourmet international vegan recipes that are high in this essential nutrient.

Grogan, Bryanna Clark, Nonna's Italian Kitchen: Delicious Home-Style Vegan Cuisine, Book Publishing Company, 1998
Italian cooking in the vegan style with innovative recipes along with many old favorites. Author shares family traditions and memories while informing about regional Italian cuisine.

Hagler, Louise, Miso Cookery, The Book Publishing Company, 2000
This author of several vegan cookbooks offers a first-hand account in detail of the making of miso in the U.S. The recipes are wholesome, easy to prepare, and demonstrate the ease of incorporating miso into everyday as well as special dishes to heighten flavor and provide excellent nutrition. Convenient index.

Hagler, Louise, Soyfoods Cookery: Your Road to Better Health, Book Publishing Co., 1996
Presents familiar dishes using soyfoods of all kinds. Recipes are flavorful, easy to prepare and include nutritional analysis. Brief chapter on soyfoods and their role in health issues such as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, menopause, and osteoporosis.

Hagler, Louise, Tofu Cookery: 25th Anniversary Edition, Book Publishing Company, 2008
Soy technician and nutrition educator, Hagler returns to one of her early culinary triumphs with the stunning anniversary edition. In this complete revision of her classic book, she has made a concerted effort to update her recipes to reflect today's nutritional standards and current tastes. Wisely, she has reduced the salt and fat content in many recipes and has provided a wider variation of sweeteners. Old-time cooks who have the original edition will be amazed by this visually appealing update with the lavish use of colors to separate the recipes on each page and the numerous photos of dishes. Newbies can't help being drawn to the book with its artisinal food styling and exceptional interior design. The big lure for them is the easy-to-prepare foods that fill this volume.

Hingle, Richa, Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen: Traditional and Creative Recipes for the Home Cook, Vegan Heritage Press, 2015
Although much Indian cooking is vegetarian, many dishes typically contain dairy and eggs. Richa Hingle shows that delicious vegan Indian dishes are a reality and not difficult to prepare. Richa is especially adept at utilizing spices in her cooking. This book could well serve as a primer in the use of spices in food preparation. Her photographic and food styling skills are evident in the numerous attractive photos that enhance this volume. Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen could easily become a classic in vegan Indian cooking.

Hudson, Janet, The New Vegan: Fresh, Fabulous, and Fun, Thorsons, 2005
Caterer Hudson concentrates on presenting 440 well-seasoned, innovative recipes. Even picky eaters will find a plethora of favorites in her Fusion Vegan Cuisine. Long-time home chefs and busy moms alike will appreciate this book for its flavorful, easy-prep recipes that can transform anyone into a successful cook.

Hutchins, Imar and Dawn Marie Daniels, Vegetarian Soul Food Cookbook, Epiphany Books, 2001
Those who believe soul food has to be fatty and meaty will be pleasantly surprised by this collection of soul food recipes that are vegan and even raw. Chef Hutchins includes over 150 recipes, one-third of them raw, with that classic Southern flavor but without health negatives. Black Eyed Pea Croquettes, Cheezy Grits, Cajun Dirty Rice, Po' Boy Chopped Barbecue, and Potato Pone are a few of the unique recipes.

Jack, Alex and Gale, Amber Waves of Grain: Traditional Whole Foods Cooking and Contemporary Vegetarian Vegan and Macrobiotic Cuisine, One Peaceful World Press, 2000
An excellent look into the background, practice, and philosophy of macrobiotic cooking, this book includes recommendations on cooking utensils, methods, fire, water, and the importance of cooking with love. Included is an extensive selection of recipes, medicinal formulas, some unique ideas on travel foods, and a glossary of typical terms used in macrobiotic cooking. Two indexes, one for recipes, the other a general index for the text.

Jacobs, Barbara and Leonard Jacobs, Cooking with Seitan, Avery, 1994
A complete how-to book of recipes using gluten to create delicious from-scratch delectable appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, breads, and desserts. Brief history of seitan and complete instructions for making your own homemade wheatmeat. Helpful resource section.

Jaffrey, Madhur, World Vegetarian, Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 1999
Ten years in the making, this book with its over 700 pages is a treasury of recipes that reflect the world travels of the author as she collected, gathered, and adapted global techniques and food styles. More than 200 recipes for legumes, nuts, vegetables, and dairy. Do you know how to cook celery cabbage? Did you even know celery cabbage existed? There's a Chinese recipe for it in the book.

Jones, Ellen Jaffe, eat vegan on $4 a day, Book Publishing Company, 2011
eat vegan on $4 a day is an exceptional book that stays true to its cost-saving, healthy-eating vegan message from beginning to end. This book motivates readers to cook from scratch because the recipes are so easy and tempting, and the ingredients are so available and affordable. This is a gem of a cookbook for everyone, rich or poor, vegan or not, because it will inspire people to embrace home cooking. Most of all, this compact book provides convincing evidence that eating healthful food does not have to cost more than $4 a day.

Jones, Ellen Jaffe, Kitchen Divided, Book Publishing Company, 2013
Kitchen Divided is an excellent resource that addresses the dietary concerns that plague semi-vegan households. Ellen Jaffe Jones meets those challenges in her own household and passes on a multitude of handy tips and delicious recipes, along with a bit of easy-going philosophy that change does not come easily and can be intimidating. She aims to entice and win over the non-vegan rather than demand change. Perfect for a Kitchen Divided, this volume is actually ideal for any household that appreciates tasty vegan food.

Jury, Jean-Christian, Vegan: The Cookbook, Phaidon, 2017
Vegan: the Cookbook is not an ordinary book of recipes. It is an international compendium of recipes shared by home cooks around the world, a coffee table volume extolling the merits of vegan dining as well as a sourcebook of unique recipes time tested by people who cook for their families every day. Plaudits go to Jury for presenting recipes for gourmet foods that are not only delicious, but also bear the stamp of good health.

Kramer, Sarah, La Dolce Vegan! Arsenal Pulp Press, 2005
Fans of Sarah's previous books were so enamored with them they flooded her with their own recipes, many of which are now part of this funky fun cookbook that will proudly wear the stains of drips and drops from savory, sweet, and spicy ingredients used and loved by home chefs. This volume is not only a treasured collection of original recipes and readers' contributions but is also full of imaginative treatments for living life in the happy zone.

Lawson, Gloria and Debbi Puffer, Tasty Vegan Delights, Review and Herald Publishing Association, 2001
Seventh Day Adventist philosophy focused on healthy lifestyle and diet separate the sections of this graphically attractive cookbook packed with easy wholesome recipes contained in a spiral bound edition. Beautiful photos, index by food category, and glossary included. Some recipes contain honey. Nutritional data included.

McCann, Jennifer, Vegan Lunch Box: 130 Amazing, Animal-Free Lunches Kids and Grown-Ups Will Love, De Capo Press, 2008
Vegan Lunch Box is a must for any vegan family who will benefit from the host of tasty recipes and unique suggestions that make lunch a joyful experience. Packed with an infinite supply of clever ideas, the recipe section is where Jennifer is able to turn lunch into a fun dining experience! Many of the dishes would even be a delight to teens and adults, and they may not even balk at the host of playful food presentations like adding red radish "fingernails" to baby carrots for Halloween or cutting bread slices and veggies into flower or animal shapes.

McCarthy, Brian P., The Vegan Family Cookbook, Lantern Books, 2006
The reader won't find complicated or elegant fare between these pages, but this book will be warmly welcomed in any vegan household with hungry little mouths to feed. With over 400 family-geared recipes, the book is a gem of a collection of tasty, familiar dishes that will make it a treasured volume in any vegan kitchen.

McDougall, John, M.D., The New McDougall Cookbook, Dutton, 1993
Contains three hundred meatless, dairy-less, high-carbohydrate and almost fat-free recipes. Includes tips for adapting your own recipes. Explains the McDougall program used at St. Helena Hospital and Health Center.

McKenna, Erin with Chris Cechin, Photographs by Tara Donne, babycakes: VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, AND (MOSTLY) SUGAR-FREE RECIPES FROM NEW YORK'S MOST TALKED-ABOUT BAKERY, Clarkson Potter, 2009
babycakes is a unique volume that concentrates on totally vegan, wheat and dairy-free familiar, home-style desserts that bring comfort and pleasure to the palate along with big smiles of satisfaction. Each recipe is carefully crafted to bring success, visual appeal, and more than a pinch of sweetness into one's life. It's a cookbook that delivers the ultimate in sweet indulgence.

Masters. Tess, The Blender Girl Smoothies: 100 gluten-free, vegan & paleo-friendly recipes, Ten Speed Press, 2015
Tess Masters is the guru of the blender. In The Blender Girl Smoothies she offers an informative compendium of tips, suggestions, and delicious recipes to make the best smoothies on the planet. The large, clear, unfettered photo of each smoothie recipe shows the home chef exactly how the finished smoothie will look. The book is a blessing for today's fast-paced life and assures readers that anyone can pack a tasty, refreshing, nutrient-dense meal into a glass.

McDonald, Tommy, Field Roast: 101 Artisan Vegan Meat Recipes to Cook, Share & Savor, DaCapo, 2017
Field Roast is essentially a book about making seitan, but this seitan mimics what you would buy when you pick up a package with that same name in the store. There is no recipe in this book for any of the Field Roast products you would buy in the store. That would be giving away trade secrets. One caveat--in an era where some people want to avoid gluten, the book may have some detractors. Field Roast is an excellent roadmap for anyone wanting to make delicious vegan roasts, sausages, burgers, and deli slices without using soy. The volume is lavishly illustrated and almost makes the home chef say, "I want to make it and serve it to my guests."

Melina, Vesanto and Joseph Forest, Cooking Vegan, Book Publishing Company, 2012
Cooking Vegan is much more than a cookbook. It is a basic guide for approaching the vegan lifestyle sensibly with an emphasis on sound nutrition. By combining their knowledge and skills, Vesanto Melina and Joseph Forest have created a cooking manual that can be used as a foundation by someone new to the vegan path. The easy-to-prepare recipes and the health information make this book a boon to all vegans.

Messina, Virginia and Kate Schumann, The Convenient Vegetarian, Macmillan, 1999
This handy book lives up to its title with a multitude of ideas to make vegetarian food preparation truly convenient. Even has recipes for preparing your own mixes to make quick homemade meals and a section that treats leftovers with creativity. A treasure for both the experienced vegetarian cook and the beginner.

Mingkwan, Chat, Buddha's Table, Book Publishing Company, 2004
Offers the reader an excellent cookbook to help attain expertise at recreating vegetarian Thai cuisine. Clear explanations about its unique ingredients, easy instructions for preparing the recipes, and a graphically pleasing format including two full-color food photos make Buddha's Table an excellent cookbook for anyone who loves to explore exotic flavors.

Mingkwan, Chat, Asian Fusion: A Culinary Odyssey of Vegan Recipes, Book Publishing Company, 2010
Asian Fusion is pure delight to anyone who adores Asian foods and loves the experience of delving into learning about the ingredients and cooking techniques that make these varied cuisines so unique and doable. Because Asian cuisine can be surprisingly meat laden, it poses a considerable challenge to veganize. Chat has accomplished his mission to bring traditional Asian cuisine to the vegan community and has fulfilled the task with masterful skill. Chat's pioneering sojourn of tasting and creating vegan renditions of Asian recipes also led him to Japan, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam where he ferreted out the exceptional dishes in this book. Each recipe's head note provides a cultural glimpse into seasonal traditions as well as national celebrations where featured foods are always present.

Mingkwan, Chat, Vietnamese Fusion Vegetarian Cuisine, Book Publishing Company, 2007
This intriguing cookbook is for those who love to dabble in exotic cuisines. The recipes are alluringly composed with instructions that are clear and easy to follow. Chat Mingkwan has done a masterful job of simplifying a complex cuisine, yet he maintains the flavor and feel of Vietnam's compelling culinary traditions.

Mistress Ginger, Mistress Ginger Cooks!: Everyday Vegan Food for Everyone, Book Publishing Company, 2014
Mistress Ginger Cooks! is truly a delightful cookbook with exceptional treasures to offer, not only within the array of tasty recipe from appetizers to desserts, but also in the visual treats that pop up on a vast number of pages. Photogenic Mistress Ginger makes her kitchen THE place to be, as shown in the impressive number of brilliantly colored photos, from full-color food shots to the diva herself in sexy garb and a great big smile. This showgirl makes cooking fun AND delicious!

Moskowitz, Isa Chandra with Matthew Ruscigno, Appetite for Reduction, Da Capo, 2011
Appetite for Reduction is a dieter's delight! Few weight-loss plans can offer this much fun in the kitchen, at the table, and in the mind. Isa Chandra Moskowitz has explored the world of foods by shopping at a variety of ethnic markets to introduce exciting vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and condiments that turn simple recipes into exotic dining. Maintaining the focus on weight loss throughout the book, each of the recipes delivers low calories, low fat, and delicious dining.

Moskowitz, Isa Chandra and Terry Hope Romero, Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World, Marlowe and Company, 2006
This innovative New York team of bakers has given dessert lovers a book that offers complete courses from Cupcake Baking 101 to Advanced Cupcake Baking 401. With these recipes, even a novice baker can turn out a batch of award-winning cupcakes that dazzle with their unique, mile-high toppings.

Moskowitz, Isa Chandra, Vegan with a Vengeance, Marlowe and Company, 2005
What makes Vegan with a Vengeance more than just another great cookbook, is that the recipes are interspersed with pages offering resources, organizational suggestions, and many poignant past experiences in the punk world like her travels to cook with the group Food Not Bombs. These pages are so compelling you may want to take the book to bed and just enjoy reading for the fun of it. And when you awake in the morning, haul out the waffle iron and bake up a batch of Ginger-Pear Waffles.

Moskowitz, Isa Chandra and Terry Hope Romero, Veganomicon: the Ultimate Vegan Cookbook, Marlowe, 2007
Keenly aware of their eager audience and the dearth of vegan cookbooks covering basic cooking instruction for the kitchen novice, the authors applied their personal kitchen expertise, drew from long-standing kitchen wisdom, and offered good common-sense approaches to plant-based cooking. With its 250 totally vegan recipes, plenty of kitchen how-to, and a host of good solid culinary advice, Veganomicon: the Ultimate Vegan Cookbook is an awesome volume for a newcomer to the vegan path as well as for those experienced in the kitchen.

Moskowitz, Isa Chandra and Terry Hope Romero, Veganomicon, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook, Da Capo Press, 2017
Autumn is the perfect season to celebrate with authors Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero on the publication of their 10th Anniversary edition of Veganomicon. This beloved cookbook has been updated with 25 new and delicious recipes. In addition, many updates to the original recipes have been implemented to reflect today's interest in natural sweeteners, unprocessed eating, and allergen-free options. This new edition features meals for all occasions and soy-free, gluten-free, and low-fat options, plus quick recipes for getting dinners on the table with ease.

Veganomicon is a juicy cookbook richly peppered with delicious touches and tasteful accents. Readers and home cooks will appreciate the authors' attention to detail, leaving no question about how to bring a recipe to fruition and serve it with flair. Recipes are identified by icon to assist those looking for gluten-free, soy-free, and lower-fat categories. Veganomicon is a dynamic classic that will remain a standard kitchen favorite for all time.

Nowakowski, John B., Vegetarian Magic at the Regency House Spa, Book Publishing Company, 2000
Chef John shares the recipes he developed at the Regency House Spa, a Florida vegetarian spa emphasizing holistic health. The emphasis is on heart-healthy, cholesterol-free low sodium recipes. Includes four weeks of sample dinner menus and a schedule for a three-day juice fast.

Noyes, Tamasin, American Vegan Kitchen, Vegan Heritage Press, 2010
American Vegan Kitchen, the result of Tamasin Noyes' aha moment in a Vermont diner, brings a panoply of delicious temptations to this country's vegan kitchens. Vegans no longer need focus on wistful thoughts about old-time comfort foods they no longer eat. Clearly, this home chef has created a new set of home-cooked American specialties that will some day become the nostalgic memories of future generations.

Noyes, Tamisin, Grills Gone Vegan, Book Publishing Company, 2013
Grills Gone Vegan presents a handy compendium without boundaries. The author clearly demonstrates that grilling is not limited only to cooking outdoors during the summer months but explains how easy and enjoyable it is to turn to this cooking method summer, winter, spring, fall, and even in rainy weather. Grilling lends such flexibility it even provides the ideal cooking method when the power goes out. Beautifully assembled full-color photos of mouthwatering dishes are sprinkled throughout the book to add delicious visual flavor and plenty of enticements.

Nussinow, Jill, The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment, Vegetarian Connection Press, 2005
Author Jill Nussinow demonstrates her love of plant foods and stirs interest in anyone wanting to learn how to bring more vegetables into the diet. Most recipes are easy to prepare and offer an ideal guide to cooking what's in season. The Veggie Queen is not only for people who like vegetables, but also for anyone who enjoys great tasting food.

O'Brien, Susan, The Gluten-Free Vegan: 150 Delicious Gluten-Free Animal-Free Recipes, Marlowe & Company, 2007
The Gluten-Free Vegan is a rich source of 150 delicious and healthful recipes for anyone, but especially for those who suffer from health problems caused by gluten-containing ingredients. Today, many gluten-free products appear on grocery shelves, but few are geared to the vegan lifestyle. Susan O'Brien's book offers welcome relief at last and will, no doubt, become an invaluable kitchen staple.

O'Brien, Susan, Gluten-Free Vegan Comfort Food, DeCapo, 2012
Gluten-Free Vegan Comfort Food by Susan O'Brien is a golden treasure for the gluten-free kitchen. Those searching for tasty, kitchen-tested family favorites free of gluten-containing grains will appreciate the 125 irresistible delights. The book is packed with the need-to-know information and easy-to-follow recipes. Three double-sided pages of gorgeous color photos are proof that gluten-free cuisine can be visually appealing and damn delicious!

Olson, Cathe, Lick It!, Book Publishing Co., 2009
Lick It! is everything an ice cream lover could dare to dream! Never too young nor too old to enjoy a chilled dessert, readers can find a plethora of irresistible ice cream flavors that can be quickly prepared ahead. The recipes are so clear and easy; even young children might find their kitchen niche and enjoy making dessert for the whole family. Every household needs Lick It! for the fun of it!

Oser, Marie, The Enlightened Kitchen: Eat Your Way to Better Health, Wiley, 2002
A collection of 175 plant-based recipes based on her newspaper column of the same name. Shows cooks how to create tasty vegan versions of traditional dishes. Includes valuable nutritional information.

Oser, Marie, More Soy Cooking, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2000
Contains good information to support the benefits of soy, helpful charts listing plant-based protein and calcium sources, glossary of uncommon ingredients, a panoply of recipes that feature soy foods ending with a recipe for Vegetarian Dog Treats. Recipes all have nutritional analysis. Resource guide and recommended reading list.

Oser, Marie, Soy of Cooking, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1996
Each of the tasty 170 recipes include a soy product incorporated into savory home-style dishes that are easy to prepare. Brief section on kitchen techniques, suggestions for incorporating herbs and spices, glossary, and suggestions for stocking the pantry. Includes nutritional analysis for each recipe and a helpful resource section.

Parekh, Hema, The Asian Vegan Kitchen: Authentic and Appetizing Dishes from a Continent of Rich Flavors, Kodansha International, 2007
The author's desire is not to use meat-centered dishes of the nine countries and replace them with vegetarian substitutions, but rather to focus on the many already vegan foods that people regularly cook in their own homes. Each of the book's chapters centers on a different Asian country: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, India, and Japan.

Pavlina, Erin, Vegan Family Favorites, VegFamily, 2005
The publisher of VegFamily Magazine has assembled 174 kid-friendly recipes submitted by readers. The recipes have proven results with children and adults and yet, offer speedy preparation with ingredients the typical vegan household is likely to have on hand.

Phillips, Bianca, COOKIN' CRUNK, Book Publishing Company, 2012
Attractively designed with appealing food styling in eight full-color photos, well-crafted, veganized recipes, and headnotes that give the reader a little taste of the Southern tradition, COOKIN' CRUNK has a compelling lure for anyone who loves to cook. The recipes are even easy and concise enough to encourage newcomers to dive in.

Pickarski, Ron, Friendly Foods, Ten Speed Press, 1991
A cookbook of elegant vegan cuisine offering creative foods with exceptional flavor. An innovative cookbook from a knowledgeable chef. The author became a Franciscan monk who completed his culinary schooling while in training for his Order.

Reinfeld, Mark. The 30 Minute Vegan, Soup's On, De Capo Press, 2014
As many vegans realize, soup can be a great starter for a meal, the basis of a light repast, or a hearty and wholesome meal. In The 30 Minute Vegan, Soup's On, Mark Reinfeld has added another 30-minute gem to his list of books that make vegan cooking so much easier and peaceful. The recipes are not only delicious, but they also display the mantle of good health.

Rivera, Michelle, The Simple Little Vegan Slow Cooker, Book Publishing Company, 2005
With its short ingredient lists of familiar items the home chef is likely to have on hand, The Simple Little Vegan Slow Cooker is ideal for busy families. This quick, handy guide with 64 easy-to-follow recipes also features advice about purchasing and using slow cookers.

Robertson, Robin, More Quick-Fix Vegan: Simple, Delicious Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less, Andrews McMeel, 2014
Venerated cookbook author Robin Robertson totally gets it and really caters to her audience--people really do want to cook meals at home. and they want to be able to prepare delicious, healthy recipes that come together quickly. More Quick-Fix Vegan is her third quick-fix style cookbook that provides just what her readers have been asking for.

Robertson, Robin, 1,000 Vegan Recipes, Wiley, 2009
With 1,000 Vegan Recipes on the home bookshelf, everyone can dine in vegan style and still enjoy familiar foods with flavors, sauces, and seasonings that make dining so pleasurable. In this mammoth work of more than 600 pages Robin Robertson has created a comprehensive encyclopedic reference collection of American comfort foods and international recipes that cover all aspects of vegan cooking. She has designed the recipes to emphasize fresh whole foods and to appeal to cooks of all skill levels. Anyone wanting to leave those cholesterol-laden foods behind may want to start by opening this valuable resource.

Robertson, Robin, Party Vegan: Fabulous, Fun Food for Every Occasion, Wiley, 2010 Party Vegan is a fun book to include on the kitchen bookshelf for the many occasions throughout the year when special celebrations beg for delicious meals and menus with pizzazz. Newbies to planning gatherings of any variety will have plenty of guidance, tips, and suggestions from an experienced chef. With Robin Robertson's innovative recipes and multitude of party planning hints, everyone can plan a successful party.

Robertson, Robin, Quick-Fix Vegan: Healthy Homestyle Meals in 30 Minutes or Less, Andrews McMeel, 2011
Quick-Fix Vegan is the winning choice for everyone who appreciates a cookbook of tasty recipes with the family's busy schedule in mind. Robin has all the tips and tricks needed to show the home cook the multitude of ways to prepare wholesome dishes in 30 minutes or less. This treasure of 150 mouth-watering vegan recipes also makes a very thoughtful gift.

Robertson, Robin, Vegan Fire and Spice: 200 Sultry and Savory Global Recipes, Vegan Heritage Press, 2008
Vegan Fire and Spice is like having a set of international cookbooks that have been custom veganized and adapted to the Western kitchen and grocery store, yet retain bracing spiciness and charismatic flavors. The book is a full-throttle fire-eater's blast! This totally user-friendly cookbook employs familiar ingredients easily found in any grocery store and avoids exotic, hard-to-find items that often frustrate a home cook.

Robertson, Robin, Vegan on the Cheap: Great Recipes and Strategies That Save You Time and Money, Wiley, 2010
With its focus on saving money and still offering delicious recipes, Vegan on the Cheap is an outstanding vegan cookbook packed with recipes for enjoyable soups and stews, salads, noodle dishes, stir-fry meals, casseroles, pizza, burgers, and sandwiches. Also included are slow-cooker favorites and delicious desserts. Anyone watching the pennies and looking for tasty recipes to prepare at home will find this book a household treasure.

Robertson, Robin, Vegan Planet, Harvard Common Press, 2003
Anyone wondering what vegans eat might want to sample this jumbo volume of 400 recipes plus some healthy tips on nutrition and health. Includes many recipes from the author's inspired vegan repertoire.

Robertson, Robin, Vegan Planet, Revised Edition: More Than 425 Irresistible Recipes with Fantastic Flavors from Home and Around the World, Harvard Common Press, 2014
Though readers will find there is not one photo in the book, they will discover Vegan Planet is such an all-inclusive and compelling cookbook it could become THE only household vegan cookbook they will need. That said, check out Robin's many other innovative cookbooks, just for the fun of it!

Robertson, Robin, Veganize It: Easy DIY Recipes for a Plant-Based Kitchen, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017
When we began our vegan journey almost three decades ago, we would have loved to have a book like Veganize It!. We had very little of the information about the substitutions this book handily provides. The book comes in an attractive package with eye-catching graphics and lavish full-page color photos. For the most part, the recipes are simple, requiring a maximum of three or four directions. Veganize It! is a guidebook that belongs in every plant-based kitchen. It's now in ours. Thank you, Robin Robertson!

Rodgers, Vimala, Vegetarian Meals for People-on-the-Go, Hay House, 2002
The author, a handwriting expert and motivational speaker, offers 101 simple vegan recipes with easy-to-locate ingredients for the busy home chef. The author's goal is to offer delicious family meals with an abundance of fruits and vegetables without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Roettinger, Alan, Speed Vegan: Quick, Easy Recipes with a Gourmet Twist, Book Publishing Company, 2010
Speed Vegan demonstrates how easy it is to create exceptional foods with lively flavors and fragrances by spending no more than a half hour in the kitchen. It's a spice-blessed volume that dares to play mind games with the cook by teasing the senses. Seasoned cooks as well as neophytes will appreciate this rich, flavor-infused, easy-to-prepare collection of recipes. We wish Alan Roettinger much success in his vegan journey.

Rogers, Jeff, Vegan Ice Cream, Ten Speed Press, 2014
Vegan Ice Cream will always be the go-to ice cream recipe book for those who appreciate easy recipes that simply never fail. The variety of flavors and the inclusion of raw vegan ice creams as well as standard favorites will make this a cookbook vegans will delight in buying as a gift, or personally using to prepare cool summer treats for family or friends who visit.

Rogers, Jeff, Vice Cream: Over 70 Sinfully Delicious Dairy-Free Delights, Celestial Arts, 2004
Vegans will appreciate the dairy-free recipes. Raw food enthusiasts will revel in the tasty recipes created only with raw ingredients. Non-vegetarians, especially those who are lactose intolerant, will be able to enjoy tasty frozen desserts they will be able to produce in their own homes. What makes the book so engaging is the simplicity of the recipes. Most have between four and seven ingredients with some containing only three. The directions are clear and easy to follow, while assembling them takes just minutes. The longest aspect is waiting 40 to 60 minutes for the ice cream mixture to freeze.

Romero, Terry Hope, Salad Samurai, Da Capo Press, 2014
Salad Samurai by Terry Hope Romero is a cookbook treasure! Packed with alluring salad recipes, magnificent photos, and innovative suggestions, the book is one everyone ought to consider THE household handbook for salads that are not only beautiful, but also bountifully heaped with ideas for delicious dining.

Rose, Richard and Brigitte Mars, The Hemp Nut Cookbook, Book Publishing Company, 2004
Richard Rose's informative chapters on hempseed history, nutrition, and politics partnered with Brigitte Mars' innovative recipe offerings explore new ways to utilize hemp nuts to create tasty and nutritious dishes. The recipes, though unique, are easy to follow.

Rudnicki, Kelly, Vegan Baking Classics, Surrey Books, 2010
Veganizing traditional desserts has many challenges, but by eliminating peanuts and tree nuts, the task becomes an even more ambitious endeavor. Author Kelly Rudnicki succeeds in achieving sweet success in Vegan Baking Classics, a dessert cookbook that will be treasured by all, especially families with members avoiding dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. Rudnicki offers the real goods--delectable classic desserts that are vegan, yet indistinguishable from the old dairy and egg-laden standards.

Sadowski, Laurie, The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread, Book Publishing Company, 2011
The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread is an invaluable gift not only to those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity but also to anyone who loves home-baked bread products. The recipes are clearly written and easy to follow, but the best part is that they've been tested to assure they will be successful. Author Laurie Sadowski loves to bake breads, muffins, scones, and buns, and now she can now share her talent with this outstanding book. One can almost imagine walking into her kitchen and finding a loaf of freshly baked bread ready for slicing.

Sadowski, Laurie, The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes and Cookies, Book Publishing Company, 2013
The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes and Cookies is a jolly window into the contagious enthusiasm the author exhibits about gluten-free baking. Few people will bake just one of the recipes. Most likely they'll thumb through the book with anticipation to choose the next sweet treat. For families with members who suffer from food allergies and gluten intolerance, this book comes to the rescue with imaginative sweets for kids parties, adult birthdays, holiday celebrations, and just for the fun of it celebrations.

Sadowski, Laurie, The Allergy Free Cook Makes Pies and Desserts, Book Publishing Company, 2014
The Allergy-Free Cook Makes Pies and Desserts is another winner for author Laurie Sadowski who knows how to guide beginners and experienced cooks into successful baking in grand gluten-free style. The book would make a treasured gift for people with gluten sensitivity and a fun baking adventure for anyone who just loves to make desserts.

Saltzman, Joanne, Intuitive Cooking, Book Publishing Company, 2006
Saltzman imparts a unique knowledge of food characteristics that, once learned, will allow anyone to be able to cook without a recipe. Each cooking process, boiling, blanching, broiling, grilling, soaking, smoking, sealing/sautéing, steeping, dehydrating, steaming, and pressure-cooking is explained in great detail and brings greater understanding of how to create a great dish without a recipe. Readers truly receive a unique education on how each cooking method transforms an ingredient.

Schinner, Miyoko, Artisan Vegan Cheese, Book Publishing Company, 2012
Artisan Vegan Cheese will quickly find a comfy niche on any vegan's cookbook shelf and will soon wear the beloved drips and drops of a well-loved cookbook. The recipes are clearly written and easy to follow and offer amazing variety for all the favorite cheeses and classic cheese-endowed recipes one could want.

Schinner, Miyoko Nishimoto, The New Now and Zen Epicure, The Book Publishing Company, 2001
The author, a food writer and former owner of Now and Zen Bistro in San Francisco, has created a vegan cookbook of exquisite quality that includes color photos and excellent food styling. Good explanations of ingredients and their uses preface the exceptional recipes. Miyoko is known for her outstanding desserts.

Schwegmann, Michelle and Josh Hooten, Eat Like You Give a Damn, Book Publishing Company, 2015
The book is a banquet, giving the eyes a luscious feast. Most of the recipes are accompanied with tantalizing, full-color pages of the mouth-watering dishes that make the book compelling. The volume is attractive and eye appealing, graphically well-designed, and printed on glossy clay-coated paper. The Eat Like You Give A Damn cookbook is a gem of easy every-day vegan dishes, a terrific go-to volume for the every-day household. Though these recipes grace the Herbivore's dining table, they're ideal for everyone's table. Between the covers are the magical recipes that make foodies smile and mealtimes so delightful.

Sher, Lacey and Gail Doherty, You Won't Believe It's Vegan: 200 Recipes for Simple and Delicious Animal-Free Cuisine, De Capo Press, 2008
The recipes are well-written and broken down into simple directions. Like many cookbooks, this one includes a host of dishes that are fast preps along with others that are a bit more fussy and just right for special occasions. You Won't Believe It's Vegan! is for those who appreciate novel dishes and eclectic, imaginative flavor combinations.

Shurtleff, William and Akiko Aoyagi, The Book of Tempeh, Harper & Row, 1979
The two authors present an outstanding, well researched book on the history and origins of tempeh. Recipes offer many ways to serve this exceptional soyfood, while the last third of the book gives complete instructions for preparing tempeh from scratch at home.

Solomon, Jay, 150 Vegan Favorites, Prima Health, 1998
A professional chef, the author's innovative flair comes through in these tasty recipes that cover everything from appetizers to desserts. Chef reveals secrets for seasoning soups that stand out.

Soria, Cherie, Angel Foods, Heartstar Productions, 1996
The author's deep connection to celestial spirits has inspired this vegan cookbook that features about 50% raw foods. Promotes sprouting, cultured foods recipes and the use of fresh organic fruits and vegetables to create delectable dishes all prepared with loving energy.

Sroufe, Del with Glen Merzer, Chef Del's Better Than Vegan: 101 Favorite Low-Fat, Plant-Based Recipes That Helped Me Lose Over 200 Pounds, BenBella Books, 2013 Better Than Vegan takes health and art seriously, offering 101 visually exciting recipes that avoid unhealthy ingredients like processed sugars, fats, oils, and white flour. Instead, this volume contributes delicious recipes from whole, plant-based foods that enhance health. The stunning photographs and food styling are testament to the appeal of truly healthy and tasty foods. Del Sroufe and Glen Merzer have merged their creative talents to produce a memorable volume for people interested in weight loss and health improvement.

steele, jae, Get It Ripe: a Fresh Take on Vegan Cooking and Living, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2008
Cookzine author, holistic vegan nutritionist, and dedicated vegan blogger, steele reached into her metaphoric, cruelty-free bag and pulled out an impressive volume of not only a bountiful array of delicious recipes, but also a storehouse of kitchen-wise techniques, nutritional guidance, and enough inspiration to give a new vegan a great foundation for a new, healthier lifestyle. Over 150 recipes have found the perfect home in a cookbook packed with innovative cooking ideas and lifestyle information that evolved from her own vegan journey.

Steen, Celine and Tamasin Noyes, Vegan Finger Foods: More Than100 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes for Bite-Size Eats Everyone Will Love, Fair Winds Press, 2014
Vegan Finger Foods is not a how-to-be-vegan cookbook. Instead it's all about the most eye-appealing and mouthwatering recipes to help readers put party foods on the table with panache! The book is a must-have for anyone who enjoys entertaining. With this volume on the kitchen counter, everyone can prepare inspired party foods that wow the fussiest guests.

Steen, Celine and Tamasin Noyes, Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day! Fair Winds Press, 2012
Sandwich aficionados will adore Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day! because they will discover "bold new ground" just like the name of one of the chapters. This pair of authors has a flair for creating definitive flavors that make each sandwich a novel dining experience. Though many of the recipes are lengthy and require a bit of time in the kitchen, they are compelling enough to entice home cooks into a sandwich-making session to relish!

Stepaniak, Jo, Gluten-FreeTips and Tricks for Vegans: All the Fab Food You Thought You Couldn't Eat, Book Publishing Company, 2016
Once again Jo Stepaniak has delivered another valuable book for vegans. Whether they want to be gluten-free for themselves or for entertaining friends or family, they have Gluten-Free Tips and Tricks to guide them. This gluten-free handbook excels in simplicity with easy-to-follow information and recipes. And the price is right.

Stepaniak, Jo, The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, Book Publishing Company, 2003
Jo Stepaniak's well-loved The Uncheese Cookbook has now morphed into a larger, more graphically appealing, gastronomic 10th anniversary classic of first-rate faux cheese delights. There's hardly a soul who doesn't gravitate to the heady flavors of a dish featuring cheese. For vegans, who have kissed their cheese goodbye and opted for a compassionate lifestyle, Stepaniak's "uncheese" dishes are a welcome return with a dairy-free blessing.

Stepaniak, Jo, The Uncheese Cookbook, Book Publishing Company, 1994
Truly exceptional recipes for everything a cheese lover adores, but without the cheese. Not a drop of dairy in the book, yet recipes for cheesecakes, brie, lasagne and more taste almost like the real thing.

Stepaniak, Jo, Vegan Deli, Book Publishing Company, 2001
A delightful collection of original, easy-to-prepare recipes that emulate traditional New York ethnic delicatessen foods of yesteryear. Even includes Pickled Eggplant "Herring" that tastes just like old fashioned pickled herring. A nostalgic treasure with healthy ingredients.

Stepaniak, Jo, Vegan Vittles, Book Publishing Company, 1996
Here's a book you can count on for reliable and delicious recipes. It opens with vegan philosophy, nutritional information, and an outstanding section on vegan substitutions for things like sugar, dairy products, and eggs. Offers a resource section. The book features a unique double index; one is a general index, the other is indexed by main ingredient, making it easy to locate a recipe.

Stepaniak, Jo, Vegan Vittles: Second Helpings, Book Publishing Company, 2007
Open Vegan Vittles, Second Helpings: Down-home Cooking for Everyone to any page to find a blast of innovative recipes that represent a wealth of knowledge from a cookbook author who has been preparing vegan dishes for more than 40 years. If you are the happy owner of the original edition of Vegan Vittles, you'll certainly want to have this updated version in your cookbook collection.Vegan Vittles, Second Helpings is an expanded and enriched treasury of down-home delicious recipes with natural goodness--just the way you like them!

Stevenson, Patricia, Michael Cook, and Patricia Bertron, The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook, Book Publishing Company, 2002
Discusses the types and complications of diabetes. Shows how a vegan diet combined with exercise can be used to manage this dreaded disease. Presents high fiber, whole foods recipes incorporating whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables to help control diabetes naturally.

Stowell, David and George Black, The Veganopolis Cookbook: A Manual for Great Vegan Cooking, Surrey Books, 2010
From cover to cover The Veganopolis Cookbook is a truly beautiful volume of recipes vegans will find compelling. Non-vegetarians can learn to love vegan cuisine with this cookbook as their guide to delicious and healthful meals made from scratch with wholesome ingredients. With a welcome balance of classic dishes and innovative originals, global influences and familiar American standards, and mostly easy to assemble recipes, this is one cookbook that will quickly gain favorite status on the home cookbook shelf.

Suchman, Michael and Ethan Ciment, NYC VEGAN, Vegan Heritage Press, 2017
NYC Vegan brings a colossal offering of New York's famous foods to the vegan table in such a personal way. The authors warmly share their love of the city and excel in bringing a taste of NYC to those who have never visited the bustling Big Apple. Whether it's Blintzes, Pierogis, or New York Cheesecake one might crave, the recipe is in the book in grand vegan style!

Sutton, Mark, Heart Healthy Pizza Book, CreateSpace, 2012
Heart Healthy Pizza contains no color photos or dazzling graphic design. Instead, author Mark Sutton has created the first vegan pizza cookbook that just happens to have a healthy and innovative approach to making some of the tastiest pizza creations ever. Sutton breaks with tradition to prove that a delicious pizza does not have to be a health time bomb. He leads the way to innovative pizza creations anyone can prepare at home--and none of the recipes contain oils or cheese of any kind!

Tanumihardja, Patricia, Farm to Table Asian Secrets: Vegan & Vegetarian Full-Flavored Recipes for Every Season, Tuttle, 2017
Farm to Table Asian Secrets is an impressive work. The author truly does share the secrets of successful Asian home cooking by including the small, yet important details. While some of the dishes are found on restaurant menus, most are very special and geared only to the home cook. Anyone who loves Asian food and enjoys cooking will treasure the traditional recipes in this book. Consider the book an ideal gift for someone special who appreciates Asian dishes at their best.

Terry, Bryant, Vegan Soul Kitchen, Da Capo Press, 2009
Vegan Soul Kitchen not only reveals that Bryant Terry writes with flair, but the book also proves he cooks with flair and has the ability to propel novices and pros into the kitchen for a full-on soul-inspired cooking adventure. The recipes are well written, easy to follow, and feature fresh, whole natural foods prepared from scratch. Southern cuisine has never tasted this good!

Theodore, Laura, Jazzy Vegetarian Classics, BenBella Books, 2013
Jazzy Vegetarian Classics is one delicious vegan cookbook that hits all the right notes and offers appealing improvisations on familiar American standards. The recipes tantalize with an upbeat tempo and they really swing. The exceptional graphic design makes this book a jazzy banquet that delights the eyes and stirs up a strong desire to taste every recipe.

Theodore, Laura, Vegan-ese: an easy guide to enjoying a plant-based diet, Jazzy Vegetarian LLC, 2015
Vegan-ease succeeds in making vegan cooking uncomplicated. Novice cooks and old timers will find this compendium of recipes an inspiration for making colorful and tasty meals. Laura Theodore is truly a master of making home cooking easy on the cook, yet she doesn't shortchange on featuring wholesome, unprocessed ingredients. Throughout the pages are simple-to-make recipes perfect for everyday meals and slightly fussier dishes for company or holiday feasting with a bright splash of color.

Tucker, Eric with Bruce Enloe, The Artful Vegan, Ten Speed Press, 2003
The well-known chef of Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco has compiled another collection of cutting-edge, gourmet vegan recipes. Stunning photos make this a truly artful volume.

Tucker, Eric and John Westerdahl, The Millennium Cookbook, Ten Speed Press, 1998
A beautiful cutting-edge vegan cookbook with attractive color and sepia photography. Eye-appealing gourmet recipes from the famous Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco. A fabulous gift book for anyone who enjoys cooking.

Two Moons, Leinana, Bacon-ish: Sultry and Smily Plant-Based Recipes from BLTS to Bacon Mac & Cheese, Vegan Heritage Press, 2016
Bacon-ish is a fun cookbook for every household because today more and more families find they are cooking vegan dishes for one or more family members. Turning the pages, readers will find mouth-watering bacon-infused recipes and eye-appealing photos. Vegans, new and experienced, will welcome the return of bacon in its new, delightful, plant-based mode that makes foods zing with captivating, salty, savory, and smoky flavor.

Valencik, Sharon, and Photos by Milan Valencik, Sweet Utopia, Book Publishing Co., 2009
Sweet Utopia is an exceptional dessert extravaganza, with its collection of original offerings bound to please anyone who finds gratification at the dessert table. This husband and wife team have succeeded in bringing an impressive volume of not only innovative desserts to an eager vegan audience, but also a cookbook that reveals skillful photography and food styling to give each creation visual artistic appeal. With a single glance at almost any stunning page, the home baker is instantly propelled into a perfect sweet utopia.

Vegetarians of Washington, The Veg-Feasting Cookbook: Favorite Recipes from Local Restaurants and Leading Chefs in the Pacific Northwest, Book Publishing Company, 2005
The Vegetarians of Washington were so successful with their travel guidbook, Veg-Feasting in the Pacific Northwest published in 2004, they received numerous requests for recipes from the restaurants in their guidebook. Eager to please, they created The Veg-Feasting Cookbook. Newcomers to the vegetarian scene will appreciate the recipes for their clarity and easy-to-follow format, while long-time vegetarians will relish this unique collection and the opportunity to become acquainted with chefs not only from the Pacific Northwest but also from across the country.

Wagner, Lindsay and Ariane Spade, The High Road to Health, a Vegetarian Cookbook, Prentice Hall Press, 1990
For anyone making the transition into a vegetarian diet, this cookbook offers many helpful suggestions and basic information to guide one along the path. The recipes offer appealing dishes that have familiar ingredients used innovatively. The last chapter takes a look at our eroding ecology and how vegetarianism can be a benefit.

Wakeman, Alan and Gordon Baskerville, The Vegan Cookbook, Faber and Faber, 1986
Published in London and still in print this old standby features great basics including how to make your own vegan yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, and an old English favorite, double cream. Includes recipes for Cashew Loaf and Mushroom Pie for special occasions. Offers seven reasons to be vegan, vegan nutrition, resources, and a glossary.

Wyrick, Jason, Vegan Mexico: Soul Satisfying Regional Recipes frm Tamales to Tostados , Vegan Heritage Press, 2016
In Vegan Mexico Jason Wyrick makes Mexican food extremely accessible to vegans. The book is a visual delight and lavishly illustrated with numerous full-page photos of the recipes provided by the author. He not only offers recipes for numerous tasty dishes, but he also relates those recipes to a discussion about cultures of various regions of the country. Any vegan interested in cooking unique Mexican dishes Must Have this book. Those not interested in making the recipes will find it a fascinating read and appreciate the research the author has undertaken to deliver a comprehensive look at Mexican cuisine.

Wyrick, Jason, Vegan Tacos: Authentic & Inspired Recipes for Mexico's Favorite Steet Food, Vegan Heritage Press, 2014
Home cooks can find a huge number of recipes for tacos in books and on the internet. What distinguishes Vegan Tacos: Authentic & Inspired Recipes for Mexico's Favorite Street Food from the others is the healthy and compassionate recipes in this book. Jason Wyrick can now claim the title of superhero and wear the cape because he has elevated the simple taco to a level of super taste and health. No matter what cooking expertise the reader has, there will be recipes and techniques in this book to stir one's desire for the taste of authenticity and creativity.

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Akers, Keith, A Vegetarian Sourcebook,Vegetarian Press, 1993
The author answers the question, "Why should I become a vegetarian?" by creating a well researched handbook that explores the nutrition, ecology, and ethics of a natural food diet. This is not a soapbox argument but a book that supports its theses with extensive research. The appendix begins with a section on how to become a vegetarian. It features a bibliography, a list of publications and contact information on vegetarian organizations. There is even a 15-page section of vegan recipes.

Bowlby, Rex, Plant Roots: 101 Reasons Why the Human Diet Is Rooted Exclusively in Plants, Outside the Box, 2003
Presents extensive research to show how the WELL (Wholly Eating Leaves to Live ) Diet is superior to the SICK (Self-Induced Carnivorous Killer) diet. In 101 brief chapters the author discusses how a plant-based diet is beneficial to human health and the environment. The author presents his facts using novel devices like multiple choice quizzes, dialogs, and playlets. His sense of humor is apparent throughout the work.

Havala, Suzanne, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Vegetarian, Alpha Books, 1999
This outstanding book is truly a guide that helps the new vegetarian journey into unfamiliar territory with valuable information. Many practical suggestions from dining out to travelling, to networking with other vegetarians. Graphically interesting with sidebars offering humor, helpful hints, and advice.

Maurer, Donna, Vegetarianism: Movement or Moment? Temple University Press, 2002
Researcher Maurer examines the vegetarianism to discover whether it is a fad or a trend. The movement has focused on the health benefits that have been borne out by research and has lobbied for more vegetarian options. Readers will find the history of vegetarianism, the attitudes of health professionals toward the diet, and the activities of vegetarian organizations. They will also be introduced to the strategies of its leaders, the role of the food industry in promoting vegetarian diets, and the ideology of the movement.

Melina, Vesanto, Brenda Davis, and Victoria Harrison, Becoming Vegetarian: the Complete Guide to Adopting a Healthy Vegetarian Diet, Book Publishing Company, 1995
Anyone wanting to learn about the clinical nutritional details of vegetarianism can find this book highly informative. Includes recipes, snack ideas, glossary, and a very readable guide to make the transition to a vegetarian or vegan regimen. The three authors are registered dieticians who pool their expertise to educate the public.

Rice, Pamela, 101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian, Lantern Books, 2005
Pamela Rice, founder of the Vegetarian Resource Center in New York City and editor of The VivaVine: The Vegetarian Issues Magazine has assembled a voluminous amount of research to make a convincing case for vegetarianism. It can be a reference sourcebook for vegetarians seeking more information to support their beliefs. As a browsing volume, it offers easy-to-read capsules that can be sampled at various times.

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Albert-Matesz, Rachel, The Ice Dream Cookbook: Dairy-Free Ice Cream Alternatives with Gluten-Free Cookies, Compotes & Sauces, Planetary Press, 2008
The Ice Dream Cookbook is a special volume geared to those who adore ice cream enough to want to make healthier, lower fat versions at home. Packed with how-to details, informative sidebars, helpful notes, and invaluable tips, this cookbook makes it possible for anyone to concoct a homemade, knock-your-socks-off dairy-free ice cream dessert.

Atlas, Nava, Great American Vegetarian; Traditional and Regional Recipes for the Enlightened Cook, 3rd. edition, M. Evans and Company, Inc., 1998
Illustrated by the author, this unique cookbook has an old-fashioned flair with historical and informative sidebars and quotations. From Colonial delicacies to those of New England, Pennsylvania Dutch, the South, Creole and Cajun, to the Southwest, the annotated vegetarian recipes include representative foods from all across the United States with dishes like Virginia Peanut Soup and California Omelet. Seasonal menus and resources included.

Atlas, Nava, The Vegetarian Family Cookbook, Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group, 2004
The author reveals the many cooking secrets she has devised to please her kids, their friends, and the adults in the family, too. An invaluable reference for preparing great tasting vegetarian and vegan meals for families. The mainly vegan recipes emphasize health benefits and eating pleasure for everyone.

Atlas, Nava, The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet, Broadway Books, 2001
This is a full cornucopia of 250 recipes that ingeniously combine five ingredients to create tasty, tempting dishes that cover the gamut from soups, salads, and pastas, down to wraps, grains, beans, veggies, and fruits. Many recipes feature side bars with menu suggestions. Contains a list of pantry staples, suggestions for planning weekly menus, and an excellent cross-referenced index.

Atlas, Nava, Vegetariana; a Rich Harvest of Wit, Lore, and Recipes, Amberwood Press, Inc., 1999
Originally published in 1984, this revised and updated edition offers 230 vegetarian and vegan recipes with appealing quotations in the side bars of most pages. Almost every page contains the author's original black and white drawings that enhance the book's overall presentation. Contains an excellent glossary of herbs and spices, brief cooking tips, resource section in bibliographic form. Well indexed.

Bess, Patti A., Vegetarian Barbecue, Lowell House, 1998
The author puts the grill to work full time with recipes for appetizers, through desserts that are made on the barbie. A no-frills book with wholesome vegetarian recipes that are easy to prepare and provide healthy foods for entertaining or family get-togethers.

Bingham, Rita, Country Beans, Natural Meals Publishing, 1998
Bingham, Rita, Natural Meals in Minutes, Natural Meals Publishing, 1999
Both books spotlight meat-free meals that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. The author emphasizes high-fiber, low-fat, recipes prepared with natural ingredients. Country Beans offers over 300 recipes, many gluten-free featuring bean flour. Natural Meals in Minutes contains a special section on sprouting techniques and using sprouts in recipes.

Bishop, Jack, A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen, Houghton Mifflin, 2004
Focuses on inventive family-style meals that incorporate the plethora of fresh vegetables the author and his family harvest from their membership organic community farm from June to November. Bishop's philosophy, "Buy local, cook global, and keep it real," brings realistic recipes to everyday meals that are entirely workable.

Bittman, Mark, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food, Wiley, 2007
This monumental work with over 900 pages is crammed with useful information for any cook. It definitely belongs in every vegetarian household. Vegetarians will find a trove of information to get cooking and be weaned away from fast foods and prepared foods. Vegans may feel slight disappointment because of his use of eggs and dairy, but there are enough recipes labeled with a "V" to satisfy vegans. Compassionate cooks may be able to veganize a number of the vegetarian recipes. Bittman is to be commended for spending three years creating this valuable compendium that will help move omnivores and flexitarians toward vegetarianism. Maybe, he'll get there himself one of these days.

Brown, Sarah, The Vegetarian Bible, Reader's Digest, 2002
Lavishly illustrated, this compendium is an essential handbook for vegetarian cooking. In addition to 250 recipes (many photographed), the volume contains nutritional information, cooking advice, and an extensive glossary of ingredients including illustrations of fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs, oils, sweeteners, and other ingredients.

Caldicott, Chris and Carolyn, World Food Cafe, Soma Books, 1999
Exotic, intoxicating, intriguing, and riveting are expressions to begin describing this unique cookbook. The authors have traveled throughout the world collecting and adapting recipes that appeal to those with a palate for the complex flavors of African, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and South American cuisine. Beautiful color photography throughout beckons the reader to step into the culture and taste the delights.

Canumalla, Anu, Paakam: Everyday Indian for a Vegetarian Lifestyle, AuthorHouse, 2008
Paakam: Everyday Indian for a Vegetarian Lifestyle includes recipes for breads, salads, chutneys, relishes, and desserts, each clearly explained in this well-designed, graphically stunning, oversized cookbook printed on acid-free paper resembling a delicate gray faux parchment. Even the innovative cover design is composed of food ingredients featuring many colors of lentils, beans, cardamom seeds, turmeric, and chiles on a backdrop of white rice bordered by green beans and cinnamon sticks. This gorgeous volume makes Indian cooking so enticing it almost compels one to want to learn this ancient art. The feast of spices included in the recipes makes Indian cooking seem far less daunting than other Indian cookbooks and far more inviting.

Cerrier, Leslie, gluten-free recipes for the conscious cook, New Harbinger Publications, 2010
For people who strive for ultimate gluten-free safety, the best option is to prepare food themselves. Those who want to eliminate gluten from their lives and are vegetarian will find gluten-free recipes for the conscious cook an excellent basic introduction to this style of cooking. Leslie Cerrier presents a variety of creative recipes to introduce readers to a whole variety of grains other than wheat, rye, and barley. Although the recipes use some grains unfamiliar to many, these gluten-free substitutes appear in tasty and exotic creations that are quite easy to prepare.

Chesman, Andrea, The New Vegetarian Grill: 250 Flame-Kissed Recipes for Fresh Inspired Meals, Harvard Common Press, 2008
Innovative, original, and handsomely updated, The New Vegetarian Grill is a volume that will bring helpful knowledge to the home chef as well as exceptional flavors to the table. The book is well conceived and dishes up 250 great recipes that are easy to prepare, even in today's busy households. It is an update of the 1999 edition that received a James Beard Award for the Vegetables and Vegetarian cookbook category.

Conil, Jean, The Complete Book of Vegetarian Recipes, Foulsham, 1996
French chef Conil presents over 100 easy-to-follow recipes for all occasions, from quick healthy meals to Sunday brunches and festive celebrations. He offers unique dressings and garnishing suggestions and even Chinese stir-fry dishes.

Conners, Christine and Tim, Lipsmackin' Vegetarian Backpackin', Globe Pequot Press, 2004
The Conners have successfully assembled a collection of vegetarian recipes designed to provide the necessary energy for hikers who face rigorous challenges daily. Realizing that hikers are not gourmet cooks, the authors have gathered recipes that emphasize ease of preparation. Although the recipes are not all vegan, in most cases, substitutions would be easy to make.

Cottrell, Edyth Young, The Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley Cookbook, Woodbridge Press, 1994
Vegetarian recipes focusing on legumes and grains from breads and entrees to desserts and soyfoods. Author is a research nutritionist at Loma Linda University and presents her dietary philosophy in layman's terms.

Drennan, Matthew and Annie Nichols, Vegetarian Entertaining, Lorenz Books, 1997
An exceptional cookbook enhanced by beautiful color photography on every page. Each recipe has step-by-step illustrated directions from beginning to end to guide one in turning out perfect dishes. Many gourmet touches.

Edrissi, Fred, Chef's Healthy Pasta: Vegetarian Recipes to Boost Your Vitality and Health, Alive Books, 1999
Pasta recipes with exceptional flair are the focus of this book that contains many stand-out dishes. Directions for making homemade pasta, ravioli and some innovative pestos. Brief historical information about pasta and alternative grains. Beautiful color photography throughout.

Emmons, Didi, Entertaining for a Veggie Planet, Houghton Mifflin, 2003
The owner/chef of Veggie Planet Restaurant shares "250 down-to-earth recipes" guaranteed to take the fuss out of entertaining. While a good portion of the author's recipes are vegetarian and heavy on the dairy products, substituting tofu or soy cheese, soy cream cheese, and soy yogurt can easily veganize the majority of offerings.

The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook, Murdoch Books, 1996
Every page is artistry in color photography and food styling with wholesome recipes that are as hearty and nutritious as they are visually appealing. Includes many recipes for dishes with an international flair. Page 13 presents an impressive, colorful full-page natural food vegetarian pyramid.

Farrey, Seppo Ed and Myochi Nancy O'Hara, 3 Bowls, Vegetarian Recipes from an American Zen Buddhist Monastery, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2000
Much more than an exceptional cookbook awaits the reader who embraces this book. Interspersed throughout are numerous pages that describe the zen monastery and its beautiful surroundings, zen rituals, and a touch of zen buddhist philosophy. Japanese calligraphy introduces the beginning of each chapter. Recipes are ideal for home cooking.

Fiore, Toni, Totally Vegetarian: Easy, Fast, Comforting Cooking for Every Kind of Vegetarian, De Capo Lifelong Books, 2008
Television show chef Fiore takes the mystery out of vegetarian cooking and removes any misconceptions associated with the vegetarian diet. Armed with a wealth of familiar classic recipes turned vegetarian and vegan, readers will find tasty versions of their treasured comfort foods. Most of the recipes in Totally Vegetarian are so quick to prepare, even non-cooks won't need arm-twisting to be lured into the kitchen for a satisfying food adventure.

Ginsberg, Beth and Mike Milken, The Taste for Living Cookbook, Cap CURE Book, 1998
Michael Milken's bout with prostate cancer inspired him to take the vegetarian path. The book offers an enjoyable, gustatorial experience with recipes for tasty foods, attractive color photography and food styling, and information on antioxidant foods that may prevent cancer. On the downside, many of the recipes list ingredients that include refined breads and flours which a savvy cook can substitute with whole grains.

Gwynn, Mary, Vegetarian Barbecue Cookbook, Whitecap Books, 1998
This creative author demonstrates that a vegetarian barbecue can be enticing, delicious, and visually appealing with her original recipes that reflect a flair for unique combinations. Includes grilling tips, menu suggestions, and a host of tantalizing recipes that range from appetizers and kabobs to sauces, relishes, and desserts. Well indexed.

Hom, Ken, Asian Vegetarian Feast, Morrow, 1988
From appetizers to desserts, this imaginative author knows how to combine seasonings and ingredients in the Asian tradition to tempt the palate. Helpful glossary of typical ingredients used in oriental cooking, as well as equipment and techniques employed. Author is a chef who has written several cookbooks.

Katzen, Mollie, Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without, Hyperion, 2007
Flip to any page beyond the title, and you'll quickly recognize the omnipresence of author Mollie Katzen's artistic expression that encompasses not only her attractive pen and ink vegetable drawings, but also her amazing hand lettering of the entire book. Creative in a multitude of ways, Mollie draws her vegetables into the forefront through her passion for cooking and her love of illustrating. This veteran cookbook author knows how to bring the fruits of the garden into the kitchen and make vegetables the true heroes of the plant kingdom.

Katzen, Mollie, Vegetable Heaven, Hyperion, 1997
An exceptional cookbook from a well-seasoned author whose other works include The Moosewood Cookbook, The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, and Still Life with Menu. You can prepare her innovative, international style dishes and enjoy the talented author's artistry with the brush as well.

Kurma dasa, Great Vegetarian Dishes: over 240 Recipes from Around the World, The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, 1990
Recipes with an international flair from an author whose work as a chef in the Hare Krishna tradition afforded him many years honing his skill and developing exceptional dishes. An impressive glossary, a fascinating introduction, and some helpful basics add the extras to make this book special.

Laden, Alice and R. J. Minney, The George Bernard Shaw Vegetarian Cookbook in Six Acts, Revised New Edition by Dorothy R. Bates, Book Publishing Company, 1987
Playwright George Bernard Shaw's favorite vegetarian dishes written down by his housekeeper. A lover of animals, the playwright said, "Animals are my friends, and I don't eat my friends." Contains a brief, but interesting background of his shift from carnivore to vegetarian, his life with his mother, his marriage of 45 years, and a good number of recipes.

Madison, Deborah, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, Broadway Books, 1997
The definitive vegetarian cookbook of the millennium, the book is a literal encyclopedia of kitchen basics from choosing tools to selecting wines. Included are 1400 vegetarian recipes for every occasion, many appealing color photos, and an excellent index.

Mattare, Marty and Wendy Muldawe, Better Than Peanut Butter & Jelly, McBooks, 2006
Not a gourmet cookbook designed to wow adults with sassy flavors and sophisticated nuance but one that delivers truly realistic recipes with wholesome ingredients to satisfy healthy kids and their family members. It's packed with easy meals and flavors combinations kids are crazy about. This newly revised edition includes 160 vegetarian recipes, 65 of them vegan.

Migliaccio, Janice Cook, Follow Your Heart's Vegetarian Soup Cookbook, Woodbridge Press, 1983
Turn to any page in the book and you'll find a soup recipe that offers savory flavors within its hearty ingredients. Plenty of tips on the art of soup making including the use of herbs and spices. Recipes were developed at the popular cafe inside Follow Your Heart health foods market.

Mills, Dorothy Jane, Meatless Meat, Patrician Publications, 2001
Vegetarian for 30 years, this well-traveled author whips up a host of familiar international dishes with a vegetarian twist. Focused on hearty, meatless entrees that satisfy even the life-long meat aficionados, this TVP specialist also recreates a plethora of American comfort foods along with a wide range of global specialties in a unique recipe format.

Moosewood Collective, Moosewood Restaurant New Classics: 350 Recipes for Homestyle Favorities and Everyday Feasts, Clarkson Potter, 2001
Another in the series of Moosewood cookbooks issued over two decades, this volume offers "foolproof preparation" of an eclectic mix of ethnic and regional cusines. All recipes are tested and retested by a team of cooks before they are served at the restaurant and included in the book.

Nyerges, Christopher, Wild Greens and Salads, Stackpole Books, 1982
The author developed these recipes from his many years of experience in leading wild foods outings and instructing participants on the benefits of wild foods.

Olson, Cathe, The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook, GOCO Publisning, 2005
The author lends creative support to vegetarian or vegan women planning a family, experiencing pregnancy, or who are presently lactating. The volume is packed with suggestions that shepherd the new mom through this new experience, by providing sample menus, a whole-foods shopping list, and timesaving suggestions.

Ornish, Dr. Dean, Eat More,Weigh Less, Harper Perennial, 1993
A cardiologist, the author has seen dramatic weight loss results in patients who follow his heart-healthy vegetarian diet. Nutritional information and techniques on healing emotional pain, loneliness, and isolation to help toward a healthier path. Suggested menus, low-fat pantry and cooking techniques. Book is packed with 250 gourmet recipes.

Palmer, Carol, Real Food for Vegetarians, Foulsham, 2000
A recipe bank for food lovers, this book emphasizes uncomplicated, quick-to-cook recipes. The author advises, "The secret behind conjuring up speedy yet impressive dishes is to have a well stocked storecupboard." Three pages are devoted to a list of items to have on hand. All recipes have ingredient quantities in metric, imperial, and American.

Robertson, Robin, The Quick-Fix Vegetarian: Healthy Home-cooked Meals in 30 Minutes or Less, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2007
People who rarely cook but wish they could put more time into homemade meals will find Quick-Fix Vegetarian a genuine treasure. While newbies to the veg world would find this book invaluable, die-hard from-scratch cooks will appreciate some fresh tips for putting meals on the table quickly. Robin Robertson's Quick-Fix Vegetarian cookbook is a perfect fit for today's busy households

Robertson, Robin, 366 Healthful Ways to Cook Tofu, Penguin, 1996
Imagine a different recipe for each day of the year plus one more for good measure featuring meat alternatives like tofu, tempeh, and seitan. A no-frills cookbook with a brief explanation of the main ingredients and a total focus on recipes and more recipes for hearty dishes that include legumes and whole grains as well.

Rosenast, Eleanor S., Soup Alive, Woodbridge Press, 1995
Recipes for 150 soups that contain a combination of cooked and raw ingredients from vegetable soups to hearty bean soups. A brief introductory section to inform about enzymes, thickeners, seasonings, and soup bases, this book's focus is simply on soups incorporating a wide variety of veggies.

Rosensweig, Linda and the Food Editors of Prevention Magazine, The New Vegetarian Cuisine: 250 Low-Fat Recipes for Superior Health,Rodale Press, 1994
Loaded with practical, easy to prepare recipes, this book is an outstanding collection of dishes anyone can make at home with basic ingredients very likely to be on the pantry shelf. The book opens with helpful suggestions for new vegetarians and ends with a month's worth of menus to get one started.

Shurtleff, William and Akiko Aoyagi, The Book of Tofu: the Protein Source of the Future - Now!, Ten Speed Press, 1983
The co-authors' research of tofu's origins, techniques, and recipes lead them to Japan where they explored the multitude of tofu companies and the various products derived from tofu. Many excellent recipes and an interesting account of their cultural experiences.

Spitler, Sue, 1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes, Surrey Books, 2000
An encyclopedic paperpack compendium of recipes that meet American Heart Association guidelines. Contains nutritional analysis, diabetic exchanges, and keyed vegan, lacto, ovo, or lacto-ovo. Offers cultural diversity and even includes meals that can be served in 20 to 30 minutes.

von Cramm, Dagmar, The Vegetarian Gourmet, Alive Books, 1998
A treasury of tempting, truly gourmet recipes that are accompanied by full color photos on every page. Complete section on kitchen fundamentals and a helpful chart listing season availability of fruits and vegetables. Nutritional information and a unique page of which foods help build hair, nails, skin, teeth, muscles, immune system, memory, and energy.

Warren, Jennifer, Vegetarian Comfort Foods, Whitecap Books, Ltd., 2001
From the kitchen of a young cookbook author who became vegetarian at age 17, comes this excellent collection of vegetarian comfort foods recipes, some of which have fallen out of favor for the trendier dishes. An excellent basics section that includes cooking terms precedes the recipes that range from breakfasts to desserts. Includes a glossary and an excellent index.

Wells, Troth, The World in Your Kitchen, The Crossing Press, 1993
A treasury of exotic vegetarian recipes collected from Africa, Asia, and Latin America written for Western kitchens. Includes interesting tidbits and historical notes about each country and some of its foods. Many color and black and white photos appear throughout along with appealing graphic design. Recipe ingredients are listed in metrics along with American measurements. Contains a glossary, index, and bibliography.

Wood, Rebecca, Quinoa, the Supergrain: Ancient Food for Today, Japan Publications, 1988
Though the book contains one small chapter of recipes that incorporate animal products such as fish or chicken into its few recipes, this outstanding book has lots to offer from a well researched extensive history of quinoa to its role in spirituality, medicine, and ecology. Over 100 recipes from breakfast foods, soup, salads, and entrees, down to the ultimate desserts. The Appendixes even contains information on growing, harvesting and winnowing quinoa. Soyfoods could easily be substituted for the animal foods.

Zen Monastery Practice Center, The Monastery Cookbook, Keep It Simple Books, 2003
While food preparation at the monastery is mostly focused on vegan ingredients, the book contains several lacto-ovo recipes to offer a stepping stone for those transitioning from a meat-based diet. What makes this book so appealing is that between the salads and the muffins or main dishes and the side dishes is the sprinkling of Zen philosophy and tidbits about monastery life.

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