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Vegan for the Holidays

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Vegetarians in Paradise
 Vegetarians in Paradise Vegetarian/Vegan Magazine

A Los Angeles Vegan Web Magazine

A Nonprofit Vegan Public Service Publication

Serving the World Vegan Community Since January 1999

By Zel and Reuben Allen

AUGUST 2018 Vol. 20 NUMBER 8


Welcome to Vegetarians in Paradise. With each new issue we at vegparadise.com hope to provide you with a variety of information pertinent to the vegan community. For those who visit us from other areas of the country or from distant lands, we offer great diversity and invaluable vegan resources for vegans and vegetarians anywhere in the world.

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Vegetarians in Paradise Receives
Award from Los Angeles County

Vegetarians in Paradise LA County Award

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Zel Develops Faux Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes/Tartar Sauce
While no true crab aficionados would call these patties the real thing, they might agree the flavor and texture are definitively reminiscent of authentic crab cakes. That's close enough for vegans who are happy and eager to pluck a little faux crab cake from the dish and chomp it down with gusto.

Serve these warm to offer the best flavor, and invite guests to spoon a dollop of vegan Tartar Sauce over the top to enjoy the delightful crab-cake experience to the fullest. The crab cakes can be baked in advance and refrigerated for up to three days.
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Dr. Milton Mills
Receives 24 Carrot Award
Dr. Milton Mills

Vegetarians in Paradise presents the 24 Carrot Award to an outstanding person or organization that endeavors to practice or promote education, natural health, wholesome nutrition, and ecology techniques for the mutual benefit of humans, animals, and the earth.

Vegetarians in Paradise takes great pride in presenting its 24 Carrot Award to Dr. Milton Mills.
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Costco Strikes Vegan Gold
With Two New Veg Options

Acai Bowl Al Pastor Salad
It finally happened. Six years ago, we wrote to Costco asking for a healthy vegan option in their food court. We detailed the company's lack of interest in a "News from the Nest" article Cheap Food at Costco Is Making You Fat. They essentially told us, "We sell over 300 million items a year in the U.S., so we feel our members are enjoying our offerings." In other words, they were doing just fine in their food courts and felt no need to add healthier options. Who could argue with a Polish Hot Dog and all the soda you can drink for $1.50?

It seems that lightning has now struck the main office. They are now proudly announcing they have two new healthy options, both vegetarian. Actually, both are vegan. Additions to the food court menu are the Acai Bowl and Al Pastor Salad, both priced at $4.99. Initially the dressing on the salad was not vegan, but it was reconfigured without egg to make it vegan.
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PETA Names Los Angeles
Most Vegan-Friendly City in America

PETA Names LA Most Friendly Vegan City in US In the past decade, something revolutionary has happened in Los Angeles' food scene. Across the city vegan-friendly eateries have sprouted en masse.

Today there are thousands of restaurants with meat-and dairy-free options in L.A. The movement has been so striking, so deeply and far felt, that on Tuesday, May 15, Los Angeles transcended its former reputation as being a notable vegan-friendly town among a laundry list of others. In an intimate gathering at Moby's Silver Lake bistro, Little Pine, PETA officials crowned L.A. as the Most Vegan-Friendly City in the United States.
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What's Brewing in DTLA?
Two Totally Plant-Based Pubs

Dankness Dojo/Modern Times Beelman's Downtown Los Angeles is spreading its vegan wings as new eateries savvy to the vegan trend find a welcome home close to the Broadway theater district. Because there was a recent flurry of vegan restaurant openings in the DTLA theater district, it was definitely time to update our listings with a journey to the wilds of downtown. We boarded the Metro in the San Fernando Valley and headed for Pershing Square.

On this visit, we focused on two, all-vegan pubs gaining a pack of loyal fans who enjoy flocking together for some tasty pub grub and a glass of brew. We found our day so enjoyable, we simply had to share the news with others who find a plump vegan burger or burrito and a cold glass of beer great fun.

Our downtown visit gave us two great places to add to our Vegetarians in Paradise online restaurant reviews and listings.
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FDA Says Impossible Burger Is Safe to Eat

Impossible Burger The Food and Drug Administration has finally given Impossible Burger's plant-based meat its stamp of approval. Impossible Foods submitted the meat substitute for review back in 2014, but the FDA responded with concerns that its key ingredient, a protein known as soy leghemoglobin, might cause allergies and other adverse effects.

The protein is commonly found in soy plants' roots, but since we don't typically eat that part of the plant, the FDA had reservations about its safety. In response, the company sent in more info, including results from a rat-feeding study, which convinced the agency to declare that the plant-based meat (and soy leghemoglobin) is "generally recognized as safe" for human consumption.
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Corner Cantina Features Pub Grub and Suds

Corner Cantina Chili Burger Corner Cantina Burrito

Opened July 2018, this vegan friendly pub located on the corner of 6th Street and Hope, was zinging with spirited chatter and clinking glasses. It looked like THE place to be for good pub food and a refreshing beverage. A bevvy of outdoor tables wrapped around both the 6th and Hope sides of the pub and were filled with happy diners eating and sipping the Cantina's innovative offerings.

We were lucky to find an empty table--there were few on this busy Wednesday night when we came in for dinner and brew with our friend, Chuck. We were seated quickly and Ann, our friendly server, quickly brought us menus and complimentary chips with a bowl of tasty green salsa.
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"Got Milk" Campaign Returns Because
People Are Buying Less Cow's Milk

In an attempt to win over millennial and Latino families who are electing to buy vegan milk over cow’s milk, the dairy industry has revitalized the iconic "Got Milk?" campaign that rose to fame in the 1990s.

As reported by American advertising publication Adweek, the new campaign was developed by the California Milk Processing Board (CMPB), the creator of the original 1993 ad. The new dairy advertising package differs from the original campaign in that it does not leverage high-profile, milk-mustachioed celebrities celebrating the alleged health benefits of cow's milk in order to appeal to consumers.
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Sweet Leilani Luau Salad
Haupia Tropical Paradise Pie

Travel the World in a Culinary Journey;
Zel Pens Unique Articles for Vegetarian Journal

In 2014 Zel Allen continued her culinary journey with another informative article for Vegetarian Journal.

"Come Let's Kau Kau at the Vegan Luau" featured information about creating a luau atmosphere with luscious foods, traditional music, and dance.

This is the sixth in a series of articles to appear in that publication and now can be viewed online.

That article begins:

Without boarding a plane or packing a suitcase, you can easily create the island ambience of an enjoyable evening at a Hawaiian luau, complete with luscious foods and traditional music, in your own backyard or living room. Consider making your next summer gathering a vegan luau with all the colorful island trimmings and just a little advance planning.

The ancient Hawaiians celebrated special life events by feasting with friends and family. During King Kamahameha's reign in the early 1800s, he named the feast "luau" and made the occasion more festive by lifting many of the aboriginal religious taboos that prevented men and women from attending together. The ancient Polynesians held their luaus in lush outdoor settings in warm evening breezes and provided food and entertainment consisting of traditional Polynesian songs, chants, dances, and hula, the Polynesian dance that tells a picturesque story with the hands.
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Vegan Nation Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Goes Vegan with Vegan Coin

After establishing the Vegan Nation restaurant in 2018, CEO Isaac Thomas and other board members envisioned a "vegan ecosystem" to bring connoisseurs of the lifestyle fad onto one platform. Now, Thomas touts his enterprise as a "vegan-friendly decentralized community" and is primed to launch the focal point of this platform: a Vegan Coin. The platform aims to be a community-focused initiative that provides users with vegan recipes, restaurants, destinations, apparel, and all things classified under the category. Thomas told the The Jerusalem Post:
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Dr. Lawenda Transforms Health Care

Dr. Steven Lawenda Fortunately four years ago, at the age of thirty-eight, worried deeply about my personal and professional future, I discovered the incredible power of food as medicine. I was blown away by what I was learning. I was amazed to learn that there existed a way of eating, namely a whole food, plant-based diet, in which a person could eat until full, without counting calories or measuring / restricting portion size (no portion control!), yet lose significant amounts of weight, regardless of the amount of exercise as well. This same way of eating, I learned, also REVERSES our most common chronic diseases, including our number one killer, heart disease, and our most costly and complicated disease, diabetes. I was very skeptical learning all of this, especially as it was not part of my years of training. Yet, soon I began to realize how much solid scientific evidence existed that more than substantiated these incredible benefits.
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Mexican Street Corn
Aunt Nettie Discovers Mexican Street Corn

This month I got a mighty funny story ta tell. I was visitin' some o' my kinfolk in a part o' Los Angeles I ain't never got to before. We was walkin' along the sidewalk an' purty soon I was mighty surprised ta see some folks cookin' up a hootnanny on a barbecue grill right on the sidewalk.

They was cookin' up fresh ears o' corn on the cob with all sorts o' sauce an' flavorin's they was brushin' an' shakin' on top o' them purty yeller kernels. Imagine that, cookin' right on the sidewalk! My nephew says ta me, "Now Aunt Nettie, you ain't never tasted anythin' this good before so I'm gonna buy you one o' them ears, an' yer jes gonna love ever' bite." They was callin' it Mexican Street Corn, they was.
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Evolution Burger Beyond Sausage
Evolution Burger Brings Vegan Food Truck
To San Fernando Valley

You couldn't ask for a more convenient food truck location. Parked on the east side of Reseda Boulevard at Northridge Park, about 1 1/2 blocks south of Devonshire, Evolution Burger is the only food truck there from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every Wednesday through Sunday.

You never have to go hunting for a place to sit down and enjoy your burger. About 200 yards from the truck, in the park are several picnic tables complete with trash barrels. And while you're eating, you might welcome a curious little sparrow chirping away and ready to visit your table for crumbs as soon as you leave.
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Try Meatless?
A Fresh Look at What You Eat
Food writer Sarah Elton is a confirmed carnivore, but when she had to help kill a chicken, "I finally understood what it means to eat meat," she writes in Meatless? A Fresh Look at What You Eat.

Meatless? is not a polemic written by a vegetarian or vegan trying to persuade the reader to choose a vegetarian diet. Instead, it attempts to get young people to understand why people decide to adopt a vegetarian approach to food. In 48 lavishly illustrated pages, the author manages to provide much information without presenting too much detail. Kudos go to Julie McLaughlin for her engaging illustrations on every page. This book is designed to appeal to 4th through 8th grade readers, but because it's so informative, parents may want to read it along with younger children.
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Being Vegan Improves Your Sex Drive

Among the many promised bonuses of veganism is an improved sex drive. PETA frequently runs ad campaigns that imply vegans make better lovers, and some vegan-friendly blogs push the same narrative.

In this case, much of the vegan promise checks out: Eating more fruits and vegetables can definitely improve your circulation, which, in turn, can improve sexual function.

Limiting animal-based products in favor of veggies could also have a positive effect on your sex life.
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VeggieTaster Returns with Two Vegan Delights

Sweet Earth Japchae

Way Beyond Other Burgers

I heard the Beyond Meat Burger is now available in the supermarket meat department and went a-hunting. Yep, there they were, two 1/4-pound patties per package, at my local Ralph's Market lined up on the top shelf with the ground beef--the last place I would have imagined them to be! Brought a package home and tossed it into the fridge to cook for dinner. Put the skillet on medium-high, added a tiny amount of vegetable oil, and cooked the patties for 3 minutes on each side, following the package instructions. By the time it was done I had a bun already covered in mayo, mustard, and ketchup and slices of tomato, onion, and lettuce all ready. It was picture perfect and so was the awesome taste! I was lovin' every bite and actually took small bites to make the crazy-good taste last longer. Honestly, I'd bet my bottom dollar that even my carnivore buddies would love this burger, especially knowing it has 20g of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and 30% of your iron requirements. It's soy and gluten-free because the main ingredient is pea protein--very cool!
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Gardein Golden Fishless Filets

Something Fishy's Going On

Looking for an easy, quick bite, I checked out the frozen section of my natural food market and a 10-ounce package of Gardein Golden Fishless Filets sent out some strong vibes I couldn't ignore. Yep, they came home with me. I'm happy to share the good news--they're totally vegan, and absolutely, crazy delicious. Pictured on the package was a grouping of golden-crusted filets that actually made my mouth water. The package says 2 pieces make a serving, with 3 servings inside the package. Perfect! And they're so easy to heat up. Just get the oven nice and hot at 425 degrees F, put the filets on a non-stick baking sheet, and bake for 10 to 12 minutes per side. I'm in love with these! Gotta have more! They're that good!
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Tone Up with the VIP Diet

Cooked Cereal with Chopped Fruit Roasted Butternut Sunset Rose Garden Salad
Lima Bean Salad Rouladen Banana Pancakes

Tons of diet books make their debut at the beginning of the year because publishers know the inevitable--so many people have added pounds during the year-end festivities. Most diet books promise a new, slimmed-down you that will be the envy of all your friends.

The number of people staying on these diet plans for any length of time is amazingly low, yet not surprising. Most of these diets fail because people feel deprived by the limited calories and smaller portions that leave them hungry and unsatisfied.
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Meatless Monday: an Initiative We Should All Support

Meatless Monday If we are judged by the company we keep, we are in good company. Vegetarians in Paradise bedfellows turn out to be an impressive group of organizations interested in public health.

The roster of organizations includes Columbia University Mailman School of Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications. They're all on board to promote Meatless Monday, a campaign to improve national health and benefit the environment. We would like to urge our readers to join us in bringing this message to the attention of the public.
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