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Vegan for the Holidays

Vegan for the Holidays has sold out its first printing.
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Vegetarians in Paradise
 Vegetarians in Paradise Vegetarian/Vegan Magazine

A Los Angeles Vegan Web Magazine

A Nonprofit Vegan Public Service Publication

Serving the World Vegan Community Since January 1999

By Zel and Reuben Allen

SEPTEMBER 2017 Vol. 19 No.9

Welcome to Vegetarians in Paradise. With each new issue we at vegparadise.com hope to provide you with a variety of information pertinent to the vegan community. For those who visit us from other areas of the country or from distant lands, we offer great diversity and invaluable vegan resources for vegans and vegetarians anywhere in the world.

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Vegan Mafia Wants to Make Meatless Mainstream

Veggie Grill The vegan mafia is a group comprised of wealthy vegans with an interest in financing startup businesses. The loose alliance includes a self-driving car company CEO, the founder of ZICO coconut water, Wall Street traders, venture capitalists, and the heads of several investment funds.

Although the vegan mafia abstains from eating meat themselves, the group is primarily investing in projects that will appeal to both vegans and non-vegans such as an animal-free gelatin called Geltor and a West Coast-based, fast-casual vegan restaurant, Veggie Grill.
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Dr. Lawenda Transforms Health Care

Dr. Steven Lawenda Fortunately four years ago, at the age of thirty-eight, worried deeply about my personal and professional future, I discovered the incredible power of food as medicine. I was blown away by what I was learning. I was amazed to learn that there existed a way of eating, namely a whole food, plant-based diet, in which a person could eat until full, without counting calories or measuring / restricting portion size (no portion control!), yet lose significant amounts of weight, regardless of the amount of exercise as well. This same way of eating, I learned, also REVERSES our most common chronic diseases, including our number one killer, heart disease, and our most costly and complicated disease, diabetes. I was very skeptical learning all of this, especially as it was not part of my years of training. Yet, soon I began to realize how much solid scientific evidence existed that more than substantiated these incredible benefits.
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Time for Salpicon de Res Poblano

Jackfruit Salad

While the Jackfruit Salad, called Salpicon de Res Poblano, is usually prepared with beef or pork, our vegan compassion makes us consider a creative plant-based substitute instead. Jackfruit just became the vegan pork and makes an ideal stand-in because it's so receptive to absorbing tasty flavors. Enjoy this tasty dish as a first course or as a delightful addition on buffet menu.
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What the Health

Watch the Health Film
Health Oganizations Don't Want You to See!

The film's subtitle clearly reveals the message Andersen learns as he travels the country to find that health organizations are ignoring or not recognizing the role that diet plays on health. His efforts to question spokespeople from these organizations take an in-your-face approach reminiscent of Michael Moore interviews. Of course, Andersen's interview attempts by phone and in person are rebuffed by the interviewees who realize they are asked to respond to embarrassing questions. When he queries a representative of the American Cancer Society about their website offering recipes using processed meats (known carcinogens), the person refuses to answer.
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Veganism Grows 500% in US since 2014
Vegan Logo

Veganism is growing rapidly around and the world, and now we know that six percent of Americans identify as vegan -- up from only one percent in 2014 according to a highly regarded industry report released this month.

The report, titled Top Trends in Prepared Foods in 2017 was prepared by research company GlobalData and shows the explosion in veganism over the last 3 years. It cites a growing awareness of the impact of meat consumption amongst consumers who are increasingly looking for more ethically produced and environmentally sustainable foods.
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Brassy Aunt Nettie Gets Pickled
Brassy Pickles

Pickles make a delicious accompaniment to any meal. With this colorful assortment, the pickles will brighten up the dinner plate. A platter of these dazzling vegetable pickles also makes a fun addition to the appetizer buffet. I've featured four members of the Brassica family, radishes, daikon, rutabagas, and turnip, to highlight their surprising versatility.
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Geltor: Silicon Valley's
Answer to Vegan Gelatin

Geltor To those who love all things chewy, gelatin is almost a food group. But for those who shun the idea of eating an extract made from animal bones, it's a huge headache and an epicurean no-no.

For most of the 375 million vegetarians and vegans in the world, the suspect presence of gelatin in foods often means going without at the desert table, or adeptly navigating through dozens of brand-name products in the grocery aisles.

According to the founders of Geltor, a Silicon Valley startup bent on capturing a part of that unique customer base, the gelatin market is worth $3 billion -- largely because there's never been an ingredient that could adequately reproduce its properties.
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Bring NYC Vegan Food to Your Table
Vegan: the Cookbook

Following a dinner party with friends who encouraged them to write a cookbook, they struck on an idea that resonated immediately. Inspired by New York's diverse ethnic neighborhoods and restaurants, they began creating vegan dishes that celebrate the numerous cuisines of the city.

The authors veganize familiar dishes like Waldorf salad, Reuben sandwich, General Tso's chicken, and eggs Benedict that originated in New York so long ago their roots were forgotten. Because New York is such a food Mecca, the city provided a rich palate to inspire them.
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Some LA Schools Offer Vegan Food
Los Angeles Unified School District

The food delivery to North Hollywood High has a few extras this year. They're part of a Los Angeles Unified School District pilot program that is providing vegan food options for select schools this fall.

"We're going to have a bean tamale. We're going to have a vegetarian chili that has different types of beans in it," said North Hollywood High Cafeteria Manager Kathy Knight

There will also be a vegan teriyaki burger, a "range-free" burger and Italian "sausage" sandwich. The meat substitutes are soy-based and soy milk is offered. There are also salads, veggie sides, fruit, and bean menu items for those who are soy intolerant.
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Vana Life Green Chickpeas

VeggieTaster Returns with Three Vegan Delights

Vana Gives Life to a Vegan Meal
Boy you can't beat the convenience of buying Vana Life Foods Green Chickpeas Coconut, Lime, Cilantro, Bell Pepper, Sweet Potato, a complete, ready to heat and eat meal in a bowl! It's all wrapped up in a 10-ounce package that made a perfect serving for dinner--and it was darned tasty, too. I could have even heated it right in the package, but I didn't. Loved that yummy flavor combo of coconut milk and lime juice! I heard this little item won some sort of top prize at the Natural Products Expo West, a West Coast event I was lucky enough to attend.
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Tofurky Slow Roasted Chick'n' Tofurky Stirs Up Some Chick'n
Searching the refrigerated deli section of my cool little natural food market, I thought it might be fun to try the 8-ounce package of Tofurky Slow Roasted Chick'n for a stir-fry to serve my buds. Cooked it up with some peppers, onions, garlic, green olives, and just a hint of soy sauce. Tossed in a few cherry tomatoes at the end and came up with a lovable pan of tasty stuff everyone chowed down in a blink. Nice thing is the chick'n is barely seasoned so it picks up what ever you or I want to throw in for flavor.
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Pizootz Peanuts Blazing Buffalo

Pizootz! Blaze the Way Through Hunger Pangs
Went marketing and got hungry--this could be dangerous but turned out to be awesome instead! Grabbed a package of Pizootz Peanuts Blazing Buffalo flavor to stop the hunger pangs and discovered the wildest most deliciously flavored peanuts I've ever encountered. Funny thing is the peanuts look rather plain when you shake them out of the package, but WOW! do they ever taste amazing! They come in wild and crazy flavors. I can definitely vouch for the Blazing Buffalo--they're yum and a half and packed with a touch of heat that's just right! Cool thing is the nuts are gluten-free, have no artificial flavors or colors, no GMOs, no MSG, no preservatives, and no trans fats--just all good stuff. Read More.

Vegfest Oramge County

Saturday, October 28, 2017
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 29, 2017
11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Orange County Fair and Event Center
88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Purchased at door--$10

For more information, go to http://www.socalvegfest.org

California Vegetarian Food Festival

For more information and to order tickets, visit California Vegetarian Food Festival.

Keynote Speakers include Julieanna Hever, Dr. Shruti Scott, Jeff Stanford, and more.

Enjoy cooking demos by Yvonne Mendoza, Jill Nussinow, Kwani Brown, Nafsika Antypas, and Jacques Laventure known as the Naked Chef.

Visit exhibitor booths galore!

Lin Silvan & Robert Jacobucci
Receive 24 Carrot Award

Robert Jacobucci and Lin Silvan
Vegetarians in Paradise takes great pride in presenting its 24 Carrot Award to Lin Silvan and Robert Jacobucci for their efforts in founding and guiding the Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN).

Since its inception EVEN has tabled at Earth Day events, distributed literature, held numerous potlucks, offered free vegan starter kits, hosted speakers in the community, and interviewed prominent vegans.
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Vegetarians in Paradise Diet Appears After 25 Years of Extensive Research

Cooked Cereal with Chopped Fruit Roasted Butternut Sunset Rose Garden Salad
Lima Bean Salad Rouladen Banana Pancakes

Tons of diet books make their debut at the beginning of the year because publishers know the inevitable--so many people have added pounds during the year-end festivities. Most diet books promise a new, slimmed-down you that will be the envy of all your friends.

The number of people staying on these diet plans for any length of time is amazingly low, yet not surprising. Most of these diets fail because people feel deprived by the limited calories and smaller portions that leave them hungry and unsatisfied.
Read More.

Meatless Monday: an Initiative We Should All Support

Meatless Monday If we are judged by the company we keep, we are in good company. Vegetarians in Paradise bedfellows turn out to be an impressive group of organizations interested in public health.

The roster of organizations includes Columbia University Mailman School of Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications. They're all on board to promote Meatless Monday, a campaign to improve national health and benefit the environment. We would like to urge our readers to join us in bringing this message to the attention of the public.
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